We Hated Him, He Loved Us




Before we were born again, we did not love but only hated God,
Refusing to repent, we pursued our lust and were God’s enemy,
Having no hope, drinking in sin like water and wickedly flawed,
We needed rescued from our sin, yes indeed; we needed a remedy.

How can this be? How can God show such love to the wicked?
How can we make sense of such love? How can we understand?
Even though it is impossible to grasp, we ought to feel convicted,
That God has so loved us; He sent Christ, who sits at His right hand.

We should be in awe of His mercy, amazed at His infinite grace,
As we are longer slaves to selfishness and sin, we now love Him,
All because He first loved us, now our sin is gone without a trace,
So keep your eyes on Jesus; one day you will see His glorious face!

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Mortify the Fear of Man!



The fear of man lays a snare, the Holy Scripture makes this clear,
It tears us apart on the inside, when our sinful emotions domineer.
We look within to try to control the mayhem, but this never works,
We must fear only the Christ, to expel the sinful dread that lurks.

Scripture tells us to fear the One who can cast our body and soul into hell,
To fear Jesus Christ, who can save and destroy; look to Him and you do well.
But to fear man is wicked and debased, for in doing so we betray our King,
Who has pledged to shelter and protect us; we take refuge under His wings.

Do not fear man who perishes, man who is mortal, man who is from the dust,
Store up treasure in heaven, where Christ is; all else will be destroyed by rust.
You must fear Jesus Christ and make Him your supreme treasure, the One who died and rose again for us,
And regarding that devilish old snare, the fear of man? Don’t even entertain it. Don’t make such a fuss!

Mortify the fear of man! Mortify it today! Look to Jesus and think of His sovereign power,
Oh dear Christian! He says to “fear not!”; Don’t you know?! Man fades away like a flower.
So trust God when He says to “fear not!”, and remember His amazing, infinite love for you;
And expel that old snare, by keeping your eyes on Him, the One who is both Faithful and True.

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That Bitter Cup Jesus Drank



Jesus drank that bitter cup, the cup of the Father’s wrath,
He drank it for sinners like us, for it was His chosen path.
Every last drop of Heaven’s fury absorbed, He took it head on,
To glorify God, to forgive and restore us, our sin now is gone.

Jesus drank every last drop, He was spared nothing at all,
Suffering for every believer, corrupted by Adam’s great fall.
God’s infinite anger toward His enemies, laid on the Christ,
Jesus cried out “My God! My God!”, He paid the ultimate price.

Jesus drank that dreaded cup, the cup that you and I deserve,
He did it for love of the ungodly, the rebels He came to serve,
He brought us escape from death, saving us from the lake of fire,
By giving us Himself, the One whom everyone ought to desire.

Jesus drank it all, the cup that made Him pray, “Father, let this be taken!”
But He came to do God’s will; this foreknown plan would never be shaken.
He cried “Why have you forsaken Me?”, while on the cross bearing our sin,
He stood in our place, bled and died our punishment; then He rose again!


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Dear Mommies, Love Your Down Syndrome Neighbor



Dear Mommies,

The little one whom God has knit together inside you, please do not destroy,
He has given you a most precious gift, the gift of a beautiful baby girl or boy.
God is weaving your baby together, and that He does with perfect precision,
Don’t murder your unborn baby; don’t make that hasty, irreversible decision.

Strive to “love your neighbor as yourself”; these are the very words of Jesus,
Our actions do not escape His watching eye, in everything we do He sees us.
He has given you your closest neighbor; within you He has provided them a home,
Don’t throw God’s gift away, simply because they have an extra chromosome.

But wait, isn’t this the baby’s own extra chromosome, part of their own DNA?
But yet you still proclaim, “This is my body!” My oh my, what logic you betray!
Don’t hate your baby by having them murdered, for to God you will one day have to answer,
Love and cherish your closest neighbor; abortion is evil and kills more people than cancer.

Now go and do the right thing; obey God’s command to love your neighbor as yourself,
Eat right, don’t smoke or drink, plan a baby shower, and file some diapers on the shelf.
A precious human life is growing inside your tummy, so stop listening to the evil voices of this world,
Jesus says you have a baby with an extra chromosome; a person, knit together by Him, a boy or a girl.


** To read about Ariana, my stillborn baby who had Down Syndrome, please click here. **


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What Jesus Has Done







What Jesus has done……….

He’s done for sinners like you and me,
He came to give us life, and set us free.
He’s given His Spirit and called us forth,
People from east, west, south, and north.

What Jesus has done……….

He’s done once and for all, bearing all our sin,
Clothed in human flesh, and born of a virgin.
He took God’s wrath for us, hanging on a tree,
His Spirit changes hearts, giving us eyes to see.

What Jesus has done…………

He’s done in love, coming to us in mercy and grace,
Truly God, truly man; without sin, not even a trace.
He went to the cross, His innocent blood being shed,
He didn’t deserve any of it; it should’ve been us instead.


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What If You Could See Your Baby Again?



What if…………………..

You could see your baby again? What if they looked you directly in the eye?
What a moment this would be! But what if they asked, “Why did I have to die?”

What if……………………

You had the chance to ask them anything at all? What would your question be?
What would you ask? Would you say, “Have you been thinking much about me?”

What if…………………….

You saw their precious face and thought, “Wow, you look just like my own twin!”
What if you saw your likeness in their eyes, before they were taken away again?

What if………………………

The time to visit with your baby was running out, and you had to act fast?
With the thought that you’d be separated again, leaving you totally aghast.

What if……………………….

You had the chance to ask them about heaven, and how much they enjoy Jesus?
Imagine the feeling that would stir our hearts, what amazing joy would seize us!

What if………………………..

You knew your baby was perfectly well, being cared for by the Lord of glory?
And that you need not worry if they don’t visit, to tell you their heavenly story.

What if…………………………

You knew your baby would never visit you now, because they are in God’s hands?
And that the questions you now have, you can leave with the Almighty’s perfect plans.

What if………………………….

You baby has no more questions, but have everything they could ever want or need?
They are with Jesus, and they don’t ask why. Never doubt the plans God has decreed.


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My Sister, My Example, My Hero

photoYou are my hero Stephanie, I could not be as strong as you,
Never giving up hope, you are a fighter through and through.

No cancer could keep you down, the doctors are truly amazed,
There is nothing else to say but this: Let God’s Name be praised!

You are my hero Stephanie, you are beautiful inside and out,
Always smiling, always kind, showing us what love is all about.

God is watching over you, and His presence brings you peace,
So when you are lonely or anxious, to Him all your cares release.

You are my hero Stephanie, your testimony is now seen before all,
You have suffered many things, but it is your joy the nurses recall.

I thought I might lose you, not knowing the details of God’s story,
But He has been so merciful, bringing healing to display His glory.

You are my hero Stephanie, don’t forget God is with you in your trials,
His love is endless and never changes, it stretches for miles and miles.

I know some nights are worse than others, and each day has its own struggle,
But the Lord is in your midst, to deliver you from fear and enemy trouble.

You are my hero Stephanie, God’s promises will strengthen you in despair,
God did not spare His own Son for you, He will provide for your every care.

We have seen you come so far, so please continue to fight, and never be afraid,
He knows your need, He is your great High Priest; on Him your sin was laid.

You are my hero Stephanie, even in your pain your face lights up the room,
As a shining example to all, that each moment is a gift, even from womb to tomb.

You have taught me so many things, like the value of life, family, and friends,
Jesus is shining through you, so that all can see how much His love transcends.


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What Kind of Amazing Love is This?



What kind of love is this? The love of Jesus, who died and rose again,
To take away all of our guilt, absorbing the wrath of Almighty God,
Once and for all He did this, to remove all of our shame and sin,
The Son of God was falsely accused, condemned by an angry mob.

What kind of love is this? That God would clothe Himself in flesh,
Humbling Himself to the point of death; nailed to a splintered cross,
He gives us what we don’t deserve; everyday His mercies are afresh,
And He daily makes us more like Himself, removing all of our dross.

What kind of love is this? That we would receive every spiritual blessing,
Justified, sanctified, and one day glorified; All ours! Every one of these!
Let’s meditate on all that He has given us, in fact we should be obsessing,
That God has redeemed us; because we are in Christ, the Father is pleased.

What kind of love is this? That our God would give us His Holy Scripture,
Along with the Spirit of truth, to dwell within us, guiding us in all our ways,
A perfect love that shows us Jesus Christ, painting such a beautiful picture,
Revealing to us our blessed Redeemer, the One who is worthy of infinite praise.

What kind of love is this? That our God would be preparing a place for us,
Giving us hope that one day we will be with Him, and His Word is certain,
A New Heaven and New Earth, with many beautiful dwellings to discuss,
And all because of His amazing love, displayed on the day He tore the curtain.

What kind of love is this? A love that is perfect, a love that will never die,
A self-giving, sacrificial love that gives and gives, a love that is forevermore,
An everlasting love that never leaves you, a love that never says goodbye,
This is the love of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son; what more could you ask for?!


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Planned Parenthood Separates Families: Why Isn’t America Enraged?



Hard truth needs to be spoken sometimes. And the latest outrage when it comes to families being separated at the border is one such case. This is not a political post. It is a moral post. It has absolutely nothing to do with immigration policy, or about who is right or who is wrong on the issue. It is not about democrats versus republicans. It is not about who has the “better” answers when it comes to handling people of other nations trying to enter the United States. I’ll leave that kind of debate for FOX and CNN. Well………..maybe not. That’s kind of scary. Especially the CNN part. Anyway, the issue I’m about to address has to do with the “lesser” compared to the “greater.”

I won’t pull any punches here. Here’s your hard truth: If you are protesting with all of your energy what’s happening at our borders and using your social media as a platform to scream and holler about families being separated, and yet you are NOT enraged at Planned Parenthood SEPARATING 321,384 babies from their parents in 2017, then you are a hypocrite who has no concern whatsoever for families or human life in general. I see more people’s blood boiling over immigration issues than the fact that babies are being ripped apart in the womb by the thousands every day!! I ask, “Where is the outrage??”

It is so disturbing to me that we can show a series of about a dozen videos with clear footage of Planned Parenthood flat out admitting that they sell body parts of little babies, and almost no one even bats an eye lash in this country. But when a possible illegal immigrant is temporarily separated from his family for investigation purposes…………then and only then is everyone outraged. Planned Parenthood has been committing these atrocities for decades. Yes, decades. Nearly 50 years! And yet people see one, yes one single image, of a young girl crying at the border, and all of a sudden everyone becomes outraged. And then they all instantly become immigration experts, while signaling to the whole country just how “virtuous” they really are. You aren’t fooling anyone. And you certainly aren’t fooling God.

If anyone can provide a moral or logical explanation for this inconsistency, then please let me and everyone else know. I am not saying that we should not be heartbroken by families ever being separated. We should be. But I also think we should do everything we can to protect this country from outside harm, while trying to keep families together. And I honestly think this is what the Trump administration is trying to do. To be sure, this is a very difficult and complex issue with many nuances. No one has the perfect solution. We all just happen to think we do. But this isn’t my main point. I am simply asking, “Why is the outrage at the border so much more intense than the thousands upon thousands of lives Planned Parenthood destroys every single day?” They separate families every day by ripping apart babies in the womb. And you are not outraged at this? Why not? I thought keeping families together was so important to you?

And while we’re at it, I have another question for you……….

What makes the 10 year old child from Mexico crossing the border so much more valuable in your eyes than the 10 week old Mexican child being destroyed at your local abortuary? You don’t get to pick and choose whose personhood you value more. You don’t get to decide morality apart from what God says. God has created all human life, from the moment of conception. HE gives equal value to the immigrant and the baby in the womb.

For those of you who are pro-choice and approve of mothers and fathers electing to have their babies slaughtered, BUT you also claim to love Jesus, you are deceived. Even if you fight tooth and nail against Donald Trump because of his immigration policies, you are deceived. Even if you protest every day for the rest of your life in favor of keeping families together at the border, you are still deceived. To not be outraged against abortion is to approve of it. To be enraged about family separation, but not even bat an eye lash that body parts of little babies are being marketed by Planned Parenthood, is too disturbing for me to even comment on. And what’s really interesting is that I don’t see a whole lot in Scripture about what to do when illegals cross the border. It seems that God uses a lot more words to warn us against murdering human beings created in His image.

“These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood…..” – Proverbs 6:16-17

“…..No murderer has eternal life residing in him.” – 1 John 3:15b

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” – Revelation 21:8

And just one more thing……..

A family separated at the border at least has the chance of being reunited. A baby destroyed at Planned Parenthood has no such hope. Neither do the mommy and daddy. What’s done is done. And there is no chance of a family reunion.


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Sarah Saunders Didn’t Ask the Red Hen To Bake a Trump Cake



Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her party were asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. The White House Press Secretary simply wanted to relax and enjoy a meal. She did not ask the restaurant to bake a cake with Donald Trump’s face on it. She did not ask them to rent her a banquet hall so she could promote conservative immigration policies. She did not demand that the restaurant bow down to any specific agenda. She didn’t ask them if they could all sing a song dedicated to our current President. In fact, she didn’t demand a single thing. She and the rest of her party simply walked into a restaurant like anyone else in the United States of America………. and she ordered food. Wow. The nerve of that woman! It just makes my blood boil! She actually walked into a public restaurant and sat down with a group of people, and then………….yes, can you believe it??!!!! She ordered food!!! Punish her!!!

Ok, I digress.

Sarah was not there to ask anyone to promote a political event, nor to gain approval for any of Trump’s policies. And the Red Hen knows all of this. And yet they still asked her to leave. Why? Because Sarah works for Trump, and they find his regime detestable. Ok. Their entitled to their opinion. But what in the world does her working for Trump have to do with her eating food at their restaurant? She simply wanted to relax and eat a meal. And she was kicked out for that reason alone. And everyone seems to be defending the Red Hen for what they did. It’s funny, but the liberals only seem to get angry when it suits their own agenda. Go figure.

To prove how ridiculous this whole thing is, try flipping the tables a bit. What if Hillary Clinton were president? What if her Press Secretary walked into a restaurant and was asked to leave? The liberal media would have a field day for the rest of our earthly existence. Everyone’s Twitter feed in Hollywood would be lit up with hateful accusations and chants of “bigot” against such a restaurant. The View would have a special “beat down” episode. And liberal governors everywhere would be calling for the head of the restaurant owner. The mantra of the day for the totalitarian left seems to be this: “As long as you treat people rudely, with anger and/or disdain, please make sure it’s someone that we don’t agree with. That makes it perfectly ok.”

So, for the most part, the Red Hen is praised for their discrimination. And I personally find that disgusting. You should too. This isn’t about politics. This isn’t about Trump. This isn’t about immigration. This is about a woman who walked into a restaurant and simply wanted to enjoy a meal. She did not ask them to violate their conscience in any way, shape, or form. If it violates your conscience to feed someone who disagrees with you about immigration policy, then you could refuse to serve just about anyone who comes into your restaurant! Where does this end? For instance, I find it repulsive that Hillary Clinton supports Planned Parenthood, the most wicked organization in the history of the world in my opinion. But if I owned a restaurant and she walked in to order a salad, can I just ask her to leave? Chew on that one for a while.

Sarah even left when the owner of the Red Hen asked her to leave. And she was extremely polite. She and her party simply left. And no one is yelling and screaming about it. No one is crying out against discrimination. No one is angry at the Red Hen like they were at Jack Phillips, when he refused to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. Everyone seems to be ok with what the Red Hen did in asking her to leave. But make no mistake. It is discrimination through and through. On the other hand, Jack Phillips refused to celebrate an event. He refused to bake a cake that celebrated same sex weddings. But he still served every gay person that ever came into his cake shop, including the same sex couple that sued him. That is the reason he won his Supreme Court case. He was asked to use his time, energy, and gifts to celebrate an event that God hates. Sarah Saunders did nothing of the kind. She simply asked them for some food, and offered to pay for it.

You may ask, “What is the difference between the two situations?” Very simple. The Red Hen refused to serve an actual customer. They discriminated against a person. This is nothing short of despicable. What if Jack Phillips refused to serve all gay people that came into his cake shop, regardless of what the cake is going to celebrate? People would be screaming bloody murder. In fact, many already are……….even in his current situation of winning his case. But if he refused to serve someone simply because they were gay, everyone would be up in arms. And rightly so! If Jack had refused to serve the couple simply because they were gay, then he certainly would have never won his Supreme Court case. And in fact, he shouldn’t win a case like that. I would side with the courts in a situation like that. I would hope that anyone would lose a case for simply refusing to serve gay people. Why? Because our convictions can never justify refusing people. Refusing people and refusing events are two very different things. We can never refuse to serve people. We can only refuse to promote and celebrate events that go against our conscience.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a person, not an event. She didn’t ask the Red Hen to create food that violated their conscience. She simply wanted to relax and eat a meal. Yes, she simply wanted to eat. This incident would have massive repercussions if Sarah chooses to take it further and seek legal action. But I don’t think she will do that. And the Red Hen ought to count their lucky stars and be supremely grateful that she doesn’t press the issue. I think Sarah would have a clear cut case of discrimination against them. Because if you can deny feeding people because you don’t like their immigration policies, then where does this all stop?

Remember, Jack Phillips serves gay people, just not gay weddings. He never asked the gay couple to leave his bakery. He never told them to get out or stay away. He simply could not pour his artistic, God-given skills into a cake that represented something God finds abominable. On the other hand, The Red Hen would not only refuse to make a cake promoting Donald Trump, but they proved that they go a step further. A very dangerous step further. They won’t even serve someone who is associated in any way with Trump. That is textbook discrimination. And they know it. And the liberals are biting their nails hoping that everyone just forgets about it. Unfortunately, they may get their wish. It looks like this is one incident that may just eventually fade into oblivion. What a shame.

It’s not like she asked them to bake a Trump cake.


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