Out of the Grave!

The grave could not hold Him, for He came out,
On the third day He rose; there is no doubt.
The Christ, the King of kings, rose from the dead,
The Christ was seen, five hundred saw! News spread!

Three days, dark and cold tomb; but then life knocked,
Life came, the light of Christ; He walked, He talked!
Stone rolled, people went in; He was not there,
They went to find this man; they searched, but where?

Ahead He went, spoke on Emmaus Road,
Scripture fulfilled, explained; all of it flowed!
The Christ fulfilled all prophecy, but when?
In life and death, resurrection; Amen!

If you deny this truth, oh so grievous!
Now on His throne, He will come back, Jesus!


There is Only One Name

There is only one Name, which is superior above all other names,
There is only one Name, who fulfilled every one of His claims.
There is only one Name, who is LORD, God, and King over all,
There is only one Name, who could reverse the curse of man’s fall.

There is only one Savior in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth,
There is only one Savior, who is capable of giving us the new birth.
There is only one Savior, by which you, me, or anyone, can be saved,
There is only one Savior, who came to rescue the totally depraved.

There is only one God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one Being – 3 Persons,
This is the one and only true God, any other teaching is nothing but a perversion.
There is only one God, who created the sun, moon, and every star in the sky,
There is only one God, whose wisdom and power could design the human eye.

There is only one King of kings and LORD of lords, who rules over the universe,
The King to whom men refuse to bow, because their hearts are wicked and perverse.
There is only one Way, one Truth, and one Life; His Name is Jesus, let’s bow the knee,
For He is our God, who took on human flesh, so that He could love us by dying on a tree.

There is only one Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible, the Savior of the world, truly God and truly man,
He was sent to us by God the Father, was given the Spirit without measure, yes, what an eternal plan!
There is only one Christ, and you can have eternal life in His Name, but you must repent and believe,
For there is only one gospel; Jesus Christ, the sinless One, died and rose again, to Him you must cleave!

An Open Letter to an Abortionist

Dear Mr./Mrs. Abortionist,

Have you considered…..

That your own life began at the moment of your conception,
And now you cannot even recognize your own self-deception.
You take evil blood money to destroy those beautiful tiny lives,
You destroy God’s image bearers; not even the fittest can survive.

Have you considered…..

That an unborn baby is a person, no matter his or her size,
But when they are brought to you, every one of them dies.
Have you no shame? And has your conscience been so seared?
Has your concept of right and wrong completely disappeared?

Have you considered…..

What the Bible says about murder, what God declares in His Word,
That He hates the taking of human life, yes indeed, His anger gets stirred!
The Scripture clearly says “You shall not murder”, so make no mistake,
Your occupation is a wicked choice that you must immediately forsake!

Have you considered…..

That the LORD sees you tear off the feeble limbs of all His precious little ones,
The moment you treat their body parts as if they were no more than crumbs!
How can you ever do this again? How can you get up and drive yourself to work?
Can you take your tools of blood in hand, and treat that baby like just another perk?

Have you considered…..

That you are lying to your family, lying to the public, and especially lying to your many patients,
You lead women to believe they can trust you, then you give their precious child an abortifacient?!
How can you ever go to sleep at night? How can you ever put a smile on your guilty face?
When you daily get paid to slaughter the most vulnerable members of the human race?

Have you considered……

That Jesus Christ, the Giver of life and breath, said “Let the little children come to me”,
But you, who depend on God for every breath, say “Let the little children die…. for a fee!”
Doesn’t your conscience convict you? Don’t you see the evil of your murderous ways?
You are destroying Christ’s little ones, ripping them apart, taking away all their birthdays!

Have you considered……

That unless you repent, your punishment will be eternal hell, forever under God’s wrath,
So turn to Christ now! His anger is kindled against His enemies; there will be a bloodbath!
Forsake your sin of murder, and get right with God today; Do not neglect this warning!
For if you refuse to turn to Jesus, have you considered…. that your eternity will be full of anguish and mourning!

The Wonder of God’s Handiwork

Have you ever gazed in wonder upon the majestic handiwork of our Creator?
Have you noticed the mountain peaks carved out in their rugged beauty?
Have you ever wondered how the sun appears as it rises over the equator?
To ignore God when seeing any of these things is a woeful neglect of duty.

Have you heard the wondrous sound of water slowly trickling in a cave?
Have you heard the harmonious chorus of the robin and blackbird in the morning?
And how about the steady roar of the crashing ocean waves?
Does it make you drop to your knees and worship God? If not, I bring you a warning.

The heavens declare His glory! Please do not deny His infinite power,
The mountains, the oceans, the sun, the moon- they are all shouting,
That He alone is Creator of all that is; worship Him every minute, every hour.
Yes, God exists! And you will be judged by Him, so please stop doubting.

Have you ever noticed the majesty of the stars, how bright they shine!
Whom do you think these stars testify of? It is Yahweh! Fullness of divinity!
All of creation, from every sunrise to every deer giving birth, all are a sign,
Pointing to Him alone, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Blessed be the Trinity!

My First Father’s Day Without You

I thank you dad, how you always sacrificed for others,
For your wife, your children, your grandkids and brothers.
You left us a great example, that all of us should follow,
The grief of your passing has left us feeling so hollow.

I thank you dad, for knowing so much about many things,
I would call so often, and many problems to you I’d bring.
Without fail you had an answer, for you were always so wise,
And your deeds matched your words; your life surely testified.

I thank you dad, that you took such care of sis (your daughter) so well,
The love you gave when she was sick, a thousand lives could never tell.
And as for being a husband, your love for mom was very special indeed,
She is in such deep and intense pain without you; for her our hearts bleed.

I thank you dad, for being the kind of man I am striving to be,
I saw Christ in you; I saw your love; in fact, everyone could see.
You walked with Christ, trusting in Him, and putting others first,
Even when tired, even when you were hungry, feeling your worst.

You loved your grandkids with so much kindness, fun, and always with joy,
You gave them so many memories, far more precious than the greatest toy.
They will never forget you, and all that you meant to them over the years,
And neither will we, for you so greatly impacted us; so, we do shed some tears.

Thank you, my Heavenly Father, for giving me such an amazing earthly dad,
I know he is with You now, where he can no longer be sick, or scared, or sad.
I know my dad wasn’t perfect, but I saw how You were sanctifying him,
His light was shining, even to the end of his days, never growing dim.

Thank you Heavenly Father, for by Your Only Son my dad’s sins were bore,
And therefore I know I shall see him again, for he is with You forevermore!!

In Christ, Eternal Life

In Christ, eternal life; Trust in Him now,
Such life He gives! Yes all the earth should bow.
We bow to Him who loves us perfectly,
In adoration down on bended knee!

He went to that old rugged cross, and died,
And showed great love to us, arms open wide.
Alone He stands, victorious, He won,
Jesus! None else can do what He has done!

Have you believed in Him? Do not delay,
He is returning soon, glorious day!
Our time is short, find Him; He took the loss,
So you could gain; But how? Look to the cross!

He died the death, went to the grave, Prison!
But He escaped the tomb, third day; Risen!

Jesus, Incarnate One

Closeup of a written page depicting the birth of Jesus Macro shot of Christmas text from the King James Version of the Bible, Matthew 1:21. Very shallow depth of field. More Christmas photos... Christmas Stock Photo

He took on flesh, the great I AM, the King,
Eternal God, became a man, let’s sing!
Let’s praise His holy Name, Yahweh, the LORD,
The Christ, sweetest of all, greatest reward!

The One who made all things, then became made,
A virgin birth; the Law fulfilled; He obeyed.
Then slain for us, Jesus, by God was cursed,
The perfect Lamb, who at His mother nursed.

What love! Imagine Him nailed to a cross!
What pain, what agony, what grief, what loss!
He chose this path, and endured; it’s why He came,
God’s Son, He came to die, despised the shame.

Never forget that He took all your blame,
Now go and make disciples in His Name!

Our Immutable God

Immutable- our LORD and King, Rejoice!
Were His patience like ours…. we would perish.
But God is not like us, so raise your voice,
He does not change; it is Christ we cherish.

Rejoice! From day to day, God stays the same,
His love does not dry up; our love runs cold.
So praise Christ now, and evermore, Great Name,
But how much praise? Tenfold? Do not withhold!

Our kind and loving God- dependable,
His loving arms won’t let us turn away.
His Word is sure to us ‘unloveables’,
How comforting, the promise made- will stay!

So worship Him, the Christ- unchanging One,
No other gods, none are like Him, nope- None!

Our Risen Savior

Cave, Tomb, Christ, Jesus, Risen, Rock, Sun, Brown Rock

The Risen One, up from the grave, Alive,
He conquered sin and death, awesome Savior!
And one day soon we will in heav’n arrive,
Hold fast to Him, believe, do not waver.

God-man, Deity, Incarnate One, Risen,
He set us free, to live for Him, Jesus!
No more a slave to sin, no more prison,
He came to seek and save, yes, He frees us.

Risen indeed, Christian, go live for Him,
The One who on that morn’ stood up and walked,
Our LORD, giving us hope; our sin was grim,
But God, He rose; He woke, He spoke, He talked.

That same life is in us, right now- this hour,
Christ’s life in you, be free, forgive, power!

The Heart of Christ

Oh how can words express the heart of Christ?
The heart of One so full of grace and love.
The Lovely One, He died, yes…. sacrificed,
He came for us, willing…. then disposed of.

The Christ, gentle and meek, as He sure was,
Bearing the weight of all our sin and shame.
But why, for what reason? What was the cause?
To seek and save, His heart was set aflame.

Jesus pleased God on that most dreadful cross,
Smitten by God, this was the Father’s plan.
Christ went through hell, darkness…. our gain, His loss,
For us He bled, the King, He bled….. God-man.

Oh how can words express the heart of Christ?
He freely chose, He chose to pay the price.