May I Introduce You to King Jesus


What excitement I have to write about my King and Savior,
Who gives me this great privilege, despite my behavior.
He has brought me into His Kingdom in order to make much of Him,
But compared to His infinite greatness, my words will only appear dim.

To the King Jesus Christ, who is awesome, all glorious, and full of majesty,
To represent Him in a lesser way would be the height of travesty.
With my eyes fixed on Him, I look to God’s grace to magnify His Name,
And with the hope that His grace would reach you, I pray that you would do the same.


There aren’t enough blogs written, and there isn’t enough space,
To rightly portray the anticipation of seeing His wonderful face.
But for now I can play a small part in spreading the Good News,
For it is the Lamb of God, who came to earth to pay our sinful dues.

This King is unlike any other, for He is above and beyond, completely supreme,
And to love Him and trust Him, means that you and God are on the same team.
This Supreme Ruler left His throne, humbled Himself, and died on a cross; oh how this makes me want to sing,
And sing forever I will, for one day I will be with Him face to face; won’t you join me now?  And if you do, YOU will have joy in introducing others to the King!


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9 thoughts on “May I Introduce You to King Jesus

  1. Great post Jamie! Everything you wrote is so true! Good luck with your blog! Thats awesome. I pray the Lord leads you with his words. Love you


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