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Oh the mystery of it all, that Jesus would look upon me with compassion,
When all I ever did was think and commit sin in every possible fashion.
Why did He do this, you may ask?  Could it be that He is infinitely loving and kind?
Yes, it is true!!  And you could search the worlds, and another Savior you will not find.

There are many kings and rulers, but there is only One who is the King of all kings,
And for all of eternity, I could tell you about this Sovereign Ruler so many more things.
For this God-man is perfect in all His ways and He never sinned, not even one time,
But He, yes HE, was nailed to a Roman cross, falsely accused; He committed no crime.

One thing I will always hold onto, and that is knowing that He is holding onto me,
His grip is so tight that He loses none who are His; I believe this; I cannot flee.
Oh the mystery of it all, that the Holy One of God would die for those who deserve hell,
And though a mystery it is, I know right now, that with my body and soul…….it is well.


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