The Glorious Face of Jesus Christ


To see the glorious face of Christ, with my eyes so full of awe and wonder,
To hear Him speak, with the sound of roaring waters and heavenly thunder.
To see Him who is co-equal with the Holy Spirit and God the Father,
To spend time dwelling on anything else, why would you even bother?

He is before all worlds, uncreated, fullness of deity, with no beginning and no end,
And yet, how often we dazzle ourselves with lesser things like the latest trend.
His radiance is indescribable, His love immeasurable, and infinite His worth,
Dear Christians, upon His beauty will we forever gaze on New Heavens and New Earth.

So let us not grow tired and weary, acting as though we are living in despair,
For we hope in His precious promises, of which nothing else can compare.
And when that final Day comes, either by death or by His sudden appearing,
To see His glorious face, a radiance needing no sun, and a sight forever endearing.


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