To Try On Another’s Shoe: Learning To Empathize With The Suffering



I don’t know what it’s like……………..

To be in a nightclub dancing and talking with my friends, while hearing loud gunfire go Boom Boom Boom,
To know at any moment I will meet a brutal end, while taking my final, desperate refuge inside of a bathroom.
To receive a text message from my loved one, saying that a terrorist is nearby and on a killing spree,
To know I’ll never see my boy again, or text him my love; that terrorist Omar Mateen would let no one go free.

I don’t know what it’s like……………..

To be in the car seated next to my loved one, then all of a sudden………….. I’m watching him bleed,
To see his arm slowly dangle and body language slow down; his movements all steadily losing speed.
To believe that he was justified in all of his actions, and knowing that his telling of the story will never be heard,
While agonizing over and over again, that my loved one Philando will never utter another word.

I don’t know what it’s like……………..

To leave my home and go to work every day, thinking of the possibility I might not return,
To put on a uniform and badge of honor, knowing that I want to honor God at every turn.
To do my best to uphold the law and honor my calling, and yet have people still call me the most vile of names…………
To have them want me dead, because of the perceived wrongs of some others in my profession; yet we’re here to protect you, we have no time for hateful games.


Before we Facebook, before we Tweet, before we speak, and before we decide what we think is the best thing to do,
Remember that empathy is key, patience and kindness a necessity, and love is everything……. when we imagine what it would be like to try on another’s shoe.


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4 thoughts on “To Try On Another’s Shoe: Learning To Empathize With The Suffering

  1. Thank you for the feedback Susan! It is encouraging to me when people take the time to read and comment. May the Lord protect the brave relatives in your family that protect and serve all of us– each and every day. God bless you.


  2. Wow, that is wonderfully written..I could never know..that’s why we have to be’s scary, because of the way the world is.


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