On Our Knees: Nice Needs Our Prayers


Oh Kind and Sovereign Lord………..

Please comfort and assist the people of France, for they have been through terror after terror,
And we cannot speculate as to why You have allowed another massacre, for we would only come to error.
My Lord, what makes it even worse is that these people were still reeling from the vicious assault in November,
When many were gunned down in cold blood, a night their citizens will always remember.

What a tragic and disturbing reality when any of Your creation defies You, by shedding innocent blood,
When thinking of those precious children who died in the streets, our tears could produce a flood.
My God, may You have mercy on the nation of France, bringing them love, hope, safety and peace,
And may You cause all nations to pray for them, that You would give strength and stability to the beautiful city of Nice.

Oh how ironic Lord, that as they were celebrating their freedom from tyranny on Bastille Day,
That now, a worse tyrant — called fear — will try to mock that very freedom, while taking their joy away.
But Lord, we know that You can do all things, and we ask that You would cause your servants in that land to bring the hope of the Good News,
To all of the confused and hurting souls, that they would cling to the One who knew the tyranny of the cross……. and yet that was the end He would choose.

Dear Heavenly Father, we saw the surreal horror of an evil man running people over, killing them, and hurting many others,
But we know that You saw it too, and that You abhor murder to a degree that we cannot even fathom; it is You who commands mankind to love one another.
So my prayer, with all of the saints, is that You would demonstrate your great compassion on France, and shine Your glorious face upon the land and citizens of Nice,
Saving those who are lost, healing the wounded, comforting the victim’s families, and causing sacrificial love to be on the increase.


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4 thoughts on “On Our Knees: Nice Needs Our Prayers

    • Thanks for the comments brother. Yes indeed, that is something we ought to be praying for. That nation has been through so much in recent times. May the Lord have mercy on them, and protect them from wicked terrorists.


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