Breaking Down The Wall With The LGBTQ


There is a massive wall between us Christians and gay people, a wall hard to penetrate, hard to see past, it is a wall that seems to be a mile high and a mile wide.
As I think about this wall, and the lack of empathy shown from both sides, it must surely grieve God, and should devastate us as well………the pain it’s causing cannot be denied.
This wall is thick with tension, high on judgment and fear, and seemingly never ending,
And it seems to only get worse with us and homosexuals, with neither side ever bending.

But the wall must be broken down, we have no other choice, as we must break through and cross that border,
God’s weapon of choice is love and compassion, no doubt that this is such a tall order.
Christians, let us move toward gay people, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender,
And I am pointing the finger first at myself and my own failures; I am praying for all of us to be more patient, kind and tender.

We can speak the truth about the liberal agenda in this country, to inform others of their danger; there is definitely a time and a place,
For we know there is less freedom now in America, there are new persecutions that Christians in every state will have to face.
What makes it most difficult is that we so want to love others, and yet in the process of doing so…….those who disagree may charge us with sin.
But what I fear most is that our main objective will turn out to be defending our rights, and starting arguments with the main goal being simply to win.

But our hope is not in our own strength to tear down these walls, our weapons are not warfare.  We will not use the sword, the arrow, or the rod.
Our hope is in Jesus Christ, who broke down the wall between Jew and Gentile, and tore through the veil that separated us from God.
So when we see our gay neighbor, our transgender co-worker, and the lesbian working at the 7-Eleven,
Let us stop and think about our primary goal, that we may have to suffer for the sake of God’s Kingdom, and while doing so, pray that God will save these precious souls, who will then one day rejoice with us in Heaven.


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4 thoughts on “Breaking Down The Wall With The LGBTQ

  1. Hi, I am not understanding what wall you think there is? God set the rules. There is no wall. Help me understand what wall there is.


    • Hi Michael! Thanks for commenting. The wall is the way both groups, Christians and the LGBTQ, are portrayed by the media as being at odds with one another. And this makes it difficult for friendships to start. The liberal media makes it sound like Christians hate gays and want nothing to do with them. And that is not the way it truly is. Christians love gay people. We want to be friends with them. We want them to know Jesus. The media is trying to pit both groups against one another. And that is wrong. I hope this helps explain things.


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