Baby Girl, You Were Taken Too Soon!

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My baby girl, Ariana, was taken too soon.  She came into the world on February 20th, 2002.  And she exited the world on the same day.  She did not take a single breath outside the womb.  Before you read this poem, you will need to read her story.  Her story is my story.  And it is gut-wrenching.  So……… really understand the depth of these words you are about to read, you will need to know what happened on that fateful day back in 2002.

In the years following Ariana’s death, I submitted several poems about her to the local newspaper in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Every year on her birthday, for about 5 years in a row, I wrote a poem for Ariana to be printed in the obituaries.  At the time, these were some of the rawest, most transparent emotions I’ve ever expressed about my precious little one.  Unfortunately, I lost all the copies I had of these poems!!  And I assumed they were lost forever.  I was having a very difficult time even finding archived copies of them online.

But……..thank God for my parents!!  They save just about everything, and they were able to locate 4 of the poems!!  And who knows, the 5th one may turn up one day.  For practical reasons, I decided to condense the 4 poems into 2.  Most of the original content is preserved.  However, to help with the flow, I did have to make some structural changes with a few extra words added at times.  So here you go………this poem is quite simple: the love of a daddy for his baby girl.  A baby girl taken too soon.  A baby girl daddy misses very much.  I chose the violet colored font as a reminder of her beautiful eyes!


           TAKEN TOO SOON

  You are like a bright star, baby girl, to whom I wish to fly,
  The love I have for you is the source of all those tears I cry.
  Your home is with Jesus now, in the glorious Heaven above,
  That thought to me is joyful and calming, as peaceful as a dove.

   You were taken too soon, Ariana, without a minute to spare,
   I’ve often thought how all of this just seems so unfair.
   But my memories of you are real, they are just like brand new,
   My thoughts of you are heartfelt and many, this poem is a clue.

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It’s been 14 years since I lost you, my beautiful little flower,
Since that day when I first saw you, it was my finest but darkest hour,
Since the day I saw those eyes, those beautiful violet eyes,
It was a sight so dazzling, like the sun setting over the ocean skies.

Some days are harder than others, sometimes I barely get by,
Remembering how badly I wanted to hear my baby cry.
You were pretty like a rose, and as tiny as a bunny,
I wouldn’t trade the time I had with you, for no amount of money.



They told us there would be some problems, that you might not be alright,
But they were wrong, Ariana, Daddy thinks you’re outta sight!
You’re with the Lord now, and I’m not sure if He lets you look down,
But if He did, I know that your smile would be able to light an entire town.

Remembering the day I lost you, although very tragic,
When I held you in my arms, it was pure magic.
I have not forgotten you, nor will I ever,
And the time will someday come, when we will be together.

Someday I will see your adorable face, and there will finally be cause to celebrate,
For now, you’ll live in my heart’s affections, and that will forever be your fate.


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3 thoughts on “Baby Girl, You Were Taken Too Soon!

  1. Jamie this is so beautiful!..Ariana
    would be so proud of you, and she knows how much her daddy loved her, how much we all loved that sweet baby girl..She will be in our hearts until we meet again..and that will be a joyous you,Jamie..


  2. I am lost with words. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL. I could only wish everyone felt this way about their children / other children and people in generl.


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