No Other Gods, Christ Reigns Supreme!


As I search through Holy Scripture, and fix my eyes upon its countless pages,
There is One who shows up everywhere, and He is called the Name above all names,
The many passages are all there, being referenced throughout the biblical ages,
He is clearly the One to be worshipped above all, God isn’t playing games.

You can search through a thousand books, and read about a thousand people,
You can search for their accomplishments, and see what accolades they have won,
You can search for the godliest men in churches, even climbing the highest steeple,
But Jesus Christ towers above them all, surely this is true when all is said and done.

When God the Father looks upon Christ, He tells us that there are no other gods,
And when the Spirit does the same, He points to eternal life in Christ’s magnificent Name,
When the saints throughout time look upon Him, they show agreement with a nod,
That the Son of God, through His perfection in life and death, has achieved history’s greatest fame.

Some have even thought they were gods, others have simply claimed to be great,
Some have lived as doctors or lawyers, and many have fulfilled their lifelong calling,
And yet, no matter what their job title says, or how much money they make,
When they stand before the Christ, I tell you this…….toward the ground they will be falling.



All the other gods are idols, worthless beings made up by sinful human hearts,
They vary in type from person to person, but they all have in common these three things,
They cannot save you, they cannot help you, and if you trust them you will fall apart,
For Christ is the only One who can hear you, who can save you; He is the only One deserving to be called the King of kings.

We may not carve statues out of wood or stone, yet we often desire the idols of our mind,
And yet these idols can never satisfy us………..not yesterday, tomorrow, or today,
We could search galaxy after galaxy, and one more worthy than Christ we will not find,
For He is the only One who can fully satisfy, His Name being Jesus, and He is the only Way.

So in the midst of all the turmoil and chaos, as we seek to find our life’s meaning,
And as we seek to know who to turn to, in these times of fear and desperation,
Remember this: To look to idols, and have your heart’s desire on them leaning,
This is a recipe for disaster, so repent and turn to the One who is King of all creation.

None have come before, and none will come after, who is perfect in holiness and purity,
All the other false gods, despite what they may promise, always leave us full of frustration,
But Christ alone, who always does that which pleases the Father, He will be your surety,
He will never let you down, for He is the only One worthy of our trust, praise, and adulation.


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5 thoughts on “No Other Gods, Christ Reigns Supreme!

  1. Jamie,

    Great post! It’s so easy to follow others and other Gods in today’s world. I’ve found myself in this very trap in an attempt to gain clarity and meaning for my testimony. The Lord gave me a quick message in spirit. “I didn’t call you to follow them, I called you to follow me.” That stopped me in my tracks. Other God’s really do come in various forms but, the one true God, the Lord Jesus Christ is the “only” one we need to be set free and to experience genuine healing. Praise the Lord!


    • Thank you Linda!! Your comments are appreciated. (-: Yes, He is the only One who can heal and rescue. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!! I have also found myself running towards all sorts of “other” gods- the idols of my heart and mind. But they always leave me frustrated and empty. That’s when a good dose of God’s Word is needed, to get me back to the Source of true joy………JESUS!!


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