Baby Girl, Daddy Will Never Forget You!

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As the days continually go by, I often think of you and I try not to cry,
You’re more beautiful than the sun lighting up the clear blue sky,
I miss you dearly baby girl, I never wanted to bid you farewell,
But I know you’re safe in the hands of Jesus, for in Heaven you dwell.

As the days go by, I wish our time together had been longer,
Every moment that passes, my love for you grows stronger and stronger,
For those moments we shared are with me now and forever,
Daddy won’t forget you, Ariana, you are a precious treasure.

It’s hard for me to understand, why you had to leave so fast,
There are times I get so depressed, thinking about the past,
It’s been over 14 years since your passing, but seems like yesterday,
Oh how I love and miss you, I so wanted you to stay!

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I often wonder, what would you look like today, baby girl?
How tall would you be?  Would your hair have a curl?
What does it sound like when you talk, and how big are your smiles?
I know one thing for sure: my love for you reaches for miles and miles.

As the days go by, I remember you as clearly as this very day,
From my mind and my heart, your beauty and innocence will never fade away,
Forgive me, little one, if Daddy happens to shed a few tears,
It’s only because I love you, and I’ve missed all of your childhood years.

As I think back on when you were born, Ariana, I’m overcome with such emotion,
My thoughts of you seem endless, as if more than many rain drops hitting the ocean,
And if God would let me go back in time, I would surely hold you close once more,
But I believe I’ll see you again, and it is the Lord Jesus who can open that door.

As you reap the rewards of Heaven, in that blissful everlasting space,
Rejoice continually, baby girl, and keep that smile on your face!


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One thought on “Baby Girl, Daddy Will Never Forget You!

  1. Jamie, that is sooooo beautiful,,I cried so hard..I miss her so much too..she is with the Lord and someday we will see her..Nonny and poppy love you so much..


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