If I Could Turn Back Time And See My Baby Again……..


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I Would……………….

Look up to the Heavens and thank the Lord, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made, from your beautiful violet eyes to your precious little fingers,
And I would pray much harder for a miracle, again and again I would cry out to God to let you live, and I would not stop; I would let this prayer linger.
And I would squeeze you a little tighter, and give you one more kiss on the cheek,
My little Ariana, so strong and energetic in the womb, now your body feels completely weak.

I Would…………….

Hold you tightly once more, and memorize each and every feature, from the length of your eyelashes to the wave of your hair,
And I would have more pictures taken, especially of me holding you; but I was so busy taking mental snapshots, that I didn’t seem to care.
I would notice the exact size of your feet, the shape of your toes, and the softness of your baby skin,
Never did I imagine this tragedy would happen, for it is a reminder of the devastation of original sin.

I Would………………….

Have written a poem just for you, and read it to you silently with your head against my chest,
And I would have pretended that you were going to fall asleep to the words, as I try to finish without weeping……..but failing that test.
When they put that tiny outfit on you, I would have said out loud, “You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, so pretty in pink,”
And though you could not hear me, I would have meant every word; you were so adorable to gaze upon, that I didn’t even want to blink.

I Would…………………….

Have opened up the Bible, gleaning from the text while seeking comfort from its pages,
Or perhaps learned for the first time, that your death was the result of Adam’s sinful wages.
Or maybe even learned that there was a Second Adam, the One who died to give us life and bring us a certain expectation,
That there is a Day coming, Ariana, when you and I will together gaze upon Him, on the New Heaven and New Earth, in complete adoration.


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One thought on “If I Could Turn Back Time And See My Baby Again……..

  1. That was absolutely beautiful! I wish I could have held her and rocked her. I wouldn’t of wanted to let go! I would have whispered to her that her daddy is an amazing father and brother and now you are with our Heavenly Father who loves you most of all. I love my niece Ariana so much!


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