The 33 “What Ifs” Of NOT Voting For Donald Trump


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Oh hindsight, precious hindsight.  A couple weeks ago, I wrote an Open Letter to James Dobson and any Christians who are going to vote for Trump.  In the letter, I basically said that it is time for everyone to stop endorsing him.  And I listed several reasons for this.  Everything from his debauched recording, to his inciting violence at his rallies, the wrong message we’d be sending, a hypocritical attitude toward Bill Clinton, and on and on I went.  I have since deleted the letter.  Why, you ask?

Because, after watching the 3rd debate (and hearing Hillary clarify her radical pro-choice agenda), and then seeing a brief clip of a partial birth abortion, something started to really scare me.  And it still scares me.  And it is this: What if I am wrong about the election and I am leading other people astray?  And what if this leading people astray caused more babies to die in the womb?  And just what if…….well, you’ll see in a few moments what I mean.  This isn’t about a guilt trip being laid on you or anyone else.  It’s about a very real possibility that none of us dare take lightly.  When you write an Open Letter on a blog post, it has the chance to influence others.  And it could be influencing others to do something that is wrong.  In other words, it could have devastating consequences.

It’s one thing if I sit out the election because my conscience dictates that it is the right thing for me to do.  It is quite another to try to sway other people’s consciences to match my own.  Not voting for Trump might be the wrong thing to do.  Every Christian has an opinion on it.  Some of the most respectable men I know (famous and not famous) are voting for him.  And, of course, some are not.  But if  failing to vote for him is the wrong thing to do, then exhorting others on a public blog to not vote for him would be even worse.  If my ship is sinking, and I drown because I fail to grab a lifeboat, it is my own fault and I deal with the consequences for myself only.  However, if that same ship goes down, and I convince everyone else not to grab a lifeboat, I have done something inexcusable.  I included them in my foolish behavior, and the results are tragic.

I may be a small time blogger.  My reach may not be much.  But if I am wrong about the election, I don’t want to agitate the matter any more than I already have.  Anytime you blog, regardless of the topic, there is potential to have an impact on people’s thoughts.  Words are always powerful.  It makes no difference how big or how small your audience is.  I can’t change the fact that I wrote and published the letter.  But I can control whether I continue to post it, and I chose to delete it.  However, damage has already been done.  Oh how that “Publish” button can be such a temptation sometimes!

Ya know, it scares me to think that Al Gore lost the 2000 election because of a mere 537 votes in the state of Florida!!  That difference could have been the result of one single article telling people to vote for George W. Bush insteadWho knows??  We are talking about only 537 votes here people!

With that said, here are my 33 “What Ifs?” of the 2016 Presidential Election.  Keep in mind that they are just “What Ifs.”  I am not declaring that every single one is absolute truth.  And even the ones that are definitely true, I am not saying that you should vote for Trump simply because they are true.  I’m just asking the question: By not voting for Trump, could you be wrong?  Is your judgment faulty?  Are you really listening to those who disagree with you, or is pride standing in the way?  Have you failed to answer the most important questions about this election?  Or, even worse, have you purposely avoided answering them?  And what will be the final consequences of your choice?  That’s all I’m saying here.  These are just some things I want us all to ponder over, dialogue about (graciously please), and maybe inform our consciences a bit more.  The “Big Day” is less than two weeks away!  So let’s cut to the chase………

    The 33 Scary What Ifs of Election 2016


1. What if I am wrong about what God wants Christians to do in this election?

What if there really will be 3 or more Supreme Court Justices that will be appointed over the next 8 years?

3. What if Trump keeps his promise and brings in more conservative Justices?


4. What if more babies die because of the Supreme Court Justices that Hillary brings in?


5. What if sitting out the election (or voting 3rd party) means that we are helping Partial-Birth Abortion become more of a common practice?


6. What if saying “Trump is a liar and won’t carry out his promises” completely avoids having to give a real answer to question #3?


7. What if Christians are making a good logical argument when they say they are not voting for Trump, but simply his platform and policies?


8. What if some of those policies ended up saving the lives of babies who would have otherwise died if Hillary got elected?


9. What if it’s 100% logical for a Christian to say “We know for a fact Hillary’s agenda will cause more babies to die, but at least Trump is promising to do differently. It’s better to go with one who promises good than one who promises evil”?


10. What if Hillary means business when she says that the fetus has no constitutional rights, and  that Roe v. Wade will never be overturned as long as she’s in office?


11. What if using Old Testament texts that talk about “appointing” leaders is not the exact equivalent of “electing” a leader when you only have 2 legitimate choices?


12. What if saying “God can work through Hillary just as easily as Trump” is not a sufficient reason to deny Trump our vote?


13. What if, after Hillary gets elected, she starts ramping up her LGBT support more than ever, and our Free Speech and ability to legally share the gospel becomes a thing of the past?


14. What if the “new” Supreme Court Justices, along with the 5 liberals we already have, receive a marriage case regarding polygamy or incest in the next 4-8 years?


15. What if our “non-vote for Trump” causes the “new” Supreme Court to allow a man to marry 3 women at once?


16. What if another parent/child incestuous ‘marriage’ case happens like it did earlier this year, and it goes all the way to the Supreme Court……..and it’s Hillary’s Supreme Court?


17. What if saying “Character matters in a leader” over and over again won’t do your conscience any good after Hillary is elected and Partial Birth Abortion ends up being common practice in the United States?


18. What if saying “That will NEVER happen!” is the same thing everyone said about ‘gay marriage’ 15 years ago?


19. What if it’s hypocritical to say “One should never punish the baby for the sins of the father” when it comes to rape, and then turn around and actually punish the baby for the sins of the candidate, when it comes to voting?


20. What if that lewd recording just gives us an easy distraction for avoiding the truth about Trump’s far better Platform and Policies?


21. What if Mike Pence (who most Christians believe is born again) were to have a great influence on Donald Trump’s character and his policies?


22. What if Tim Kaine were to have no such influence on Hillary Clinton?


23. What if we had loved ones who lived in Texas near the border of Mexico, and members of a terrorist group (or a drug cartel) got through the checkpoint rather easily because of Hillary’s Open Border policy?


24. What if one way of doing for “the least of these” includes voting for  the candidate who promises to be the most pro-life?


25. What if saving the life of just one baby made voting for Trump all worth it?


26. What if Trump supporters are not compromising (as many Never Trumpers say), but are just trying to do the right thing in a very difficult, less-than-ideal situation?


27. What if the next generation of kids grows up in a world where they can never speak their minds about Jesus, marriage, gender, etc………….lest they are charged with a hate crime?


28. What if more of our brothers and sisters in Christ lose their cake baking and photography businesses because their 1st Amendment rights have almost ceased to exist, all because of Hillary’s relentless progressive agenda?


29. What if the government tries to force our beloved pastors to marry gay people in their churches……..all because of a precedent set by Hillary’s “new” Supreme Court?


30. What if Benghazi and those 33,000 e-mails are a Warning Sign of potentially far worse things to come?


31. What if the FBI’s most recently discovered evidence against Hillary
Clinton is further evidence that we should do everything we can to make sure Trump wins?


32. What if the fact that the Supreme Court is now taking up transgender ‘school bathroom’ cases is also further evidence that we need anybody but Hillary?


33. What if you had a daughter in the public school system, and then it did matter to you?


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2 thoughts on “The 33 “What Ifs” Of NOT Voting For Donald Trump

  1. Very well said and thought out. We have a friend who is a well known Christian attorney (and as so, has had some battles on the forefront because of his stand for the truth), who has been torn about this whole election. He has thought it through and some of the things he said were in agreement with your article. One thing I also noticed that was interesting, was that he noted a difference between ‘endorsing’ and ‘recommending’. When it came down to giving his opinion on Trump, as well as a few others, he put Trump in the ‘recommending’ category instead of the ‘endorsing’ category. He is also looking to the future at the Supreme Court and the Senate, and basically, that is what he is voting for when it comes to Trump. Definitely some good points here. Many Christians who are voting their consciences are not looking at the whole picture. They stop at the character issue and don’t go any further. When you think about it though, our country has not really ever had many presidents who had excellent character. Some were even questionable, yet, even those questionable ones made some long last good decisions for our country. Living in a fallen world, and worse yet, a country who has gone far astray from the truth, makes it hard to raise up a president who can tell the difference between right and wrong, and good and evil. And yes, if Hillary gets elected, we can pretty much kiss our freedoms good-bye. Maybe God is working in such a way that all this evil she has done is out in the open now. That’s why we need to keep praying, not only for our country, but also for the church in America. Any righteous leadership has to start with a healthy church, and I am not sure the church in America is in that place yet. When it is, it will affect the society around it, and then the whole nation. This is definitely something to be praying for!

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  2. Thank you for the comments awestruck. I like the difference between “recommending” and “endorsing.” Makes a lot of sense! There is no question that Trump is the better of the two options, so I can see what is meant now by “recommending” over “endorsing.” And yes, we definitely need to pray! It is a tough call indeed. Do we sit out the election, or go with the better option………….even if that option is less than ideal? May the Lord grant all of us wisdom. The stakes are high. I appreciate your thoughtful response. (-:


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