My Sister, My Example, My Hero

photoYou are my hero Stephanie, I could not be as strong as you,
Never giving up hope, you are a fighter through and through.

No cancer could keep you down, the doctors are truly amazed,
There is nothing else to say but this: Let God’s Name be praised!

You are my hero Stephanie, you are beautiful inside and out,
Always smiling, always kind, showing us what love is all about.

God is watching over you, and His presence brings you peace,
So when you are lonely or anxious, to Him all your cares release.

You are my hero Stephanie, your testimony is now seen before all,
You have suffered many things, but it is your joy the nurses recall.

I thought I might lose you, not knowing the details of God’s story,
But He has been so merciful, bringing healing to display His glory.

You are my hero Stephanie, don’t forget God is with you in your trials,
His love is endless and never changes, it stretches for miles and miles.

I know some nights are worse than others, and each day has its own struggle,
But the Lord is in your midst, to deliver you from fear and enemy trouble.

You are my hero Stephanie, God’s promises will strengthen you in despair,
God did not spare His own Son for you, He will provide for your every care.

We have seen you come so far, so please continue to fight, and never be afraid,
He knows your need, He is your great High Priest; on Him your sin was laid.

You are my hero Stephanie, even in your pain your face lights up the room,
As a shining example to all, that each moment is a gift, even from womb to tomb.

You have taught me so many things, like the value of life, family, and friends,
Jesus is shining through you, so that all can see how much His love transcends.


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7 thoughts on “My Sister, My Example, My Hero

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart during this trial. My brother was a new believer when he got cancer – but the Lord walked him thru each day. Paul was a testimony of faith and courage to all. I know that God uses suffering to “conform us to the image of His Son”.
    No doubt the Lord’s beauty shines thru Stephanie! May the Lord order your steps and make His presence known to you on this rough road. Praying for Stephanie and those around her.

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    • Thank you Lisa! Yes, she is beautiful inside and out. And the Lord is working in all of us through this trial. I am so sorry to hear about your brother’s suffering, but what a testimony to God’s grace! It is amazing how much the Lord teaches us when we see how others respond to suffering. May God bless you and your family. (-:

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