What If You Could See Your Baby Again?



What if…………………..

You could see your baby again? What if they looked you directly in the eye?
What a moment this would be! But what if they asked, “Why did I have to die?”

What if……………………

You had the chance to ask them anything at all? What would your question be?
What would you ask? Would you say, “Have you been thinking much about me?”

What if…………………….

You saw their precious face and thought, “Wow, you look just like my own twin!”
What if you saw your likeness in their eyes, before they were taken away again?

What if………………………

The time to visit with your baby was running out, and you had to act fast?
With the thought that you’d be separated again, leaving you totally aghast.

What if……………………….

You had the chance to ask them about heaven, and how much they enjoy Jesus?
Imagine the feeling that would stir our hearts, what amazing joy would seize us!

What if………………………..

You knew your baby was perfectly well, being cared for by the Lord of glory?
And that you need not worry if they don’t visit, to tell you their heavenly story.

What if…………………………

You knew your baby would never visit you now, because they are in God’s hands?
And that the questions you now have, you can leave with the Almighty’s perfect plans.

What if………………………….

You baby has no more questions, but have everything they could ever want or need?
They are with Jesus, and they don’t ask why. Never doubt the plans God has decreed.


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3 thoughts on “What If You Could See Your Baby Again?

  1. I believe babies go to heaven because: 1. the Old Testament teaches us the nature and character of God. His love would definitely extend grace to those that never had a chance to decide for themselves (It’s another finger in Satan’s eye). 2. David gave us insight to this fact when he fasted and prayed for his own baby that died. 3. God, who is merciful, knows in advance who WILL and WON’T accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. I believe that sometimes God takes a child because that’s the ONLY way they avoid hell through bad choices. Just think, if Hitler had died as a child, he’d be with Jesus. Instead, IMHO, God allowed Hitler’s evil as yet another judgement against His people that rejected Him.


    • Yeah, it’s a tough subject Earl. Thanks for commenting. While I do agree with you about babies going to heaven, my reason for thinking so isn’t because babies “never had a chance to decide for themselves”. I believe that God, in His mercy, applies the blood of Jesus Christ to these precious little ones. I see multiple passages in Scripture, not just the one with David’s child, but other passages that certainly imply that God extends His grace to babies. I don’t have time nor space to go into them all now. (-:

      And not only that, but historically, some very solid theologians have agreed that babies go to heaven when they die. Men like B.B. Warfield and Charles Spurgeon. In fact, Spurgeon was about as dogmatic about it as anyone I’ve ever seen. And today, there are many reformed pastors/theologians that would also agree that Scripture bears this out.

      But at the end of the day, it is still a subject that is highly debatable. And there is much disagreement in the body of Christ. I’m just letting you know where I come from on the matter. God bless!


  2. So beautiful. I’m reading it to Steph..made us cry..you are so talented..some book or magazine should see how u write..love u so much….


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