Dear Mommies, Love Your Down Syndrome Neighbor



Dear Mommies,

The little one whom God has knit together inside you, please do not destroy,
He has given you a most precious gift, the gift of a beautiful baby girl or boy.
God is weaving your baby together, and that He does with perfect precision,
Don’t murder your unborn baby; don’t make that hasty, irreversible decision.

Strive to “love your neighbor as yourself”; these are the very words of Jesus,
Our actions do not escape His watching eye, in everything we do He sees us.
He has given you your closest neighbor; within you He has provided them a home,
Don’t throw God’s gift away, simply because they have an extra chromosome.

But wait, isn’t this the baby’s own extra chromosome, part of their own DNA?
But yet you still proclaim, “This is my body!” My oh my, what logic you betray!
Don’t hate your baby by having them murdered, for to God you will one day have to answer,
Love and cherish your closest neighbor; abortion is evil and kills more people than cancer.

Now go and do the right thing; obey God’s command to love your neighbor as yourself,
Eat right, don’t smoke or drink, plan a baby shower, and file some diapers on the shelf.
A precious human life is growing inside your tummy, so stop listening to the evil voices of this world,
Jesus says you have a baby with an extra chromosome; a person, knit together by Him, a boy or a girl.


** To read about Ariana, my stillborn baby who had Down Syndrome, please click here. **


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