That Bitter Cup Jesus Drank



Jesus drank that bitter cup, the cup of the Father’s wrath,
He drank it for sinners like us, for it was His chosen path.
Every last drop of Heaven’s fury absorbed, He took it head on,
To glorify God, to forgive and restore us, our sin now is gone.

Jesus drank every last drop, He was spared nothing at all,
Suffering for every believer, corrupted by Adam’s great fall.
God’s infinite anger toward His enemies, laid on the Christ,
Jesus cried out “My God! My God!”, He paid the ultimate price.

Jesus drank that dreaded cup, the cup that you and I deserve,
He did it for love of the ungodly, the rebels He came to serve,
He brought us escape from death, saving us from the lake of fire,
By giving us Himself, the One whom everyone ought to desire.

Jesus drank it all, the cup that made Him pray, “Father, let this be taken!”
But He came to do God’s will; this foreknown plan would never be shaken.
He cried “Why have you forsaken Me?”, while on the cross bearing our sin,
He stood in our place, bled and died our punishment; then He rose again!


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