Mortify the Fear of Man!



The fear of man lays a snare, the Holy Scripture makes this clear,
It tears us apart on the inside, when our sinful emotions domineer.
We look within to try to control the mayhem, but this never works,
We must fear only the Christ, to expel the sinful dread that lurks.

Scripture tells us to fear the One who can cast our body and soul into hell,
To fear Jesus Christ, who can save and destroy; look to Him and you do well.
But to fear man is wicked and debased, for in doing so we betray our King,
Who has pledged to shelter and protect us; we take refuge under His wings.

Do not fear man who perishes, man who is mortal, man who is from the dust,
Store up treasure in heaven, where Christ is; all else will be destroyed by rust.
You must fear Jesus Christ and make Him your supreme treasure, the One who died and rose again for us,
And regarding that devilish old snare, the fear of man? Don’t even entertain it. Don’t make such a fuss!

Mortify the fear of man! Mortify it today! Look to Jesus and think of His sovereign power,
Oh dear Christian! He says to “fear not!”; Don’t you know?! Man fades away like a flower.
So trust God when He says to “fear not!”, and remember His amazing, infinite love for you;
And expel that old snare, by keeping your eyes on Him, the One who is both Faithful and True.

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