We Hated Him, He Loved Us




Before we were born again, we did not love but only hated God,
Refusing to repent, we pursued our lust and were God’s enemy,
Having no hope, drinking in sin like water and wickedly flawed,
We needed rescued from our sin, yes indeed; we needed a remedy.

How can this be? How can God show such love to the wicked?
How can we make sense of such love? How can we understand?
Even though it is impossible to grasp, we ought to feel convicted,
That God has so loved us; He sent Christ, who sits at His right hand.

We should be in awe of His mercy, amazed at His infinite grace,
As we are longer slaves to selfishness and sin, we now love Him,
All because He first loved us, now our sin is gone without a trace,
So keep your eyes on Jesus; one day you will see His glorious face!

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