Stay On The Narrow Road


There are two roads: one is narrow, one is broad,
We read of this truth in the infallible Word of God.
Walk carefully with Jesus Christ, and do not stray,
Stay on the narrow road, love Him all of your days.

The broad road will destroy you, taking you to hell,
It promises pleasure and joy, and popularity as well.
This road can make life easy, everyone may like you,
Some who are on this road even sit weekly in a pew.

Stay on the narrow road, leading to our everlasting rest,
Clinging to Jesus, not veering to the right or to the left.
The enemy roars loudly, trying to pull you into his path,
A path that leads to destruction, and God’s eternal wrath.

But the path of Jesus is the path of joy and everlasting life,
He forgives and reconciles you to God; there is no more strife.
He does this for all who believe in His Name, The great I AM,
the High and Holy One,
Who atoned for our sins, while hanging on that cross; Amen!
Finished! Yes, it is done!


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