Let’s Rescue the Little Ones!

Let us hasten to rescue, to save our precious little ones,
To rescue them from death, all the daughters and sons,
Though innocent as doves, they are sacrificed to the gods,
The gods of Planned Parenthood, yet our nation applauds.

How can our people condone this? How can we be so cruel?
Who could approve of such wickedness? Only a moral fool!
Let’s rescue the unborn; they did nothing to deserve this,
How can we be so unfeeling? Indeed, how can we be so remiss?

What has happened to our culture, when it chooses to slaughter,
The most vulnerable and helpless of all, tiny sons and daughters,
God has given this nation over to its sin, but will He have mercy?
America is now under judgement; we are a people so unworthy.

So what can we do? By God’s grace, I say we go and rescue the unborn,
God will hold us accountable for our silence, yes, we have been warned,
He has commanded us to speak up, especially for those who cannot speak,
So be a man and preach against abortion. Now isn’t the time to be weak!

But we can all do something for the unborn, those who cannot help themselves,
Babies murdered by the millions, numbers that could fill entire bookshelves.

We need to step up, for God has equipped us! Let us be fearless; there are countless ways to love our neighbor,

What can you do?

I say, support Crisis Pregnancy Centers, adopt babies, preach the gospel at the mill; just get out there and labor!


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Rescue the Little Ones!

  1. Hi Jamie, great post and so timely….NY just passed a law permitting abortions up to the due date. That’s nine months. We have crossed over to a diabolical standard here. May the Lord continue to inspire and encourage you and your lovely wife.

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