What God Brings from Suffering



What God brings from suffering, a process far beyond what we can imagine,
It’s never the way we would desire, never our wish for such things to happen.
But God knows what He is doing, having great purpose in what He brings,
It may always be great mystery to us, how the King is glorified in all things.

We are not called to figure it out, as though we must know the how and why,
Better to open the Word, reading every glorious promise, even while you cry.
God is always with you, dear Christian, to give comfort when you are weary,
What a wonderful and precious promise, that your Father loves you so dearly.

He is able to comfort you in your pain, as He Himself has gone through great distress,
On the cross Jesus absorbed God’s wrath for sinners, so that we would be forever blessed.
But how can this be? That He, who is eternally blissful, would choose such bitter anguish,
So that we would not be judged, having our sins forgiven, the power of death vanquished.

And as if all that were not enough, the Lord is also doing a great work inside of us,
Using our pain to draw us closer to Him, sanctifying us, while increasing our feeble trust.
Suffering turns our hearts away from the things of this world, as God removes our remaining dross,
Which is the very reason our Master commands us to deny ourselves, while taking up our cross.

So when in the midst of inexpressible pain, and you feel like you can’t go on any longer,
Remember your Great High Priest who suffered, the One who is worthy of infinite honor.
He will never leave you nor forsake you, His Holy Spirit will be with you to the very end,
Then your pain will be no more, in Heaven you will be, with Christ an eternity to spend!

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