What Cancer Can’t Take From You


This is written for my beautiful sister Stephanie, who is loving Jesus while battling cancer. This is also written for anyone else who is battling this disease, or has a friend or family member who is fighting it with everything they have.

On your worst days, and even on your best days, always remember the truths below to remind you that God is always with you, He has cancer on a leash, and no illness can take any of these things from you ……… ever.

What cancer can’t take is the glorious freedom you have in Christ,
The freedom bought by His precious blood, by His infinite sacrifice.
It can’t take away any heavenly blessings, which are forever thine,
God will never leave or forsake you; you are connected to the Vine.

What cancer can’t take is the complete forgiveness of your sins,
It can’t take away your justification, when eternal life truly begins.
Nor can it take away God’s grace, strength, and loving-kindness,
Nor that past moment, when He removed your spiritual blindness.

What cancer can’t take is the joy of being loved by your awesome Lord,
It can’t take your future hope of seeing Jesus, by far your greatest reward.
It may cause you temporal pain, and will sometimes make you very afraid,
But do not fear; death has been conquered, your penalty has been paid.

What cancer can’t take away is the genuine love the body of Christ has for you,
It can’t take away the prayers offered, on behalf of all you are going through.
Nor can it can’t take away the comfort……of knowing that God is always in control,
That He works all things for good…… for you His child; it is well with your soul.

What cancer can’t take is the promise of the glorified body you will receive,
And all the riches God has in store for you, of which you cannot even conceive,
It can’t take away the bloody cross, when Jesus atoned for your transgressions,
Nor can it take away his rising from the grave, securing your own resurrection.

What cancer can’t take away is the indwelling peace of the Holy Spirit,
You have boldness in the day of judgment! And death? Don’t even fear it!
So the next time you go for chemo, and you’re feeling like total despair,
Remember, everything that belongs to Jesus belongs to you! You’re His co-heir.


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