Nearly Nine Minutes Have Passed: A Witness Perspective of the George Floyd Murder

IMG_0319 (2)
Nearly nine minutes have passed, a man’s face pressed into the ground,
Pleading for his life, unable to do anyone harm, his hands totally bound.
“I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” he gasps; His words are crystal clear,
His tone is full of sheer panic, as he feels his own death drawing near.

How can such wickedness happen? Why is this helpless man denied mercy?
How can anyone be so unfeeling, as to consider another man’s life unworthy?
God created all people in His own image, in His likeness He created them,
Everyone has equal value, therefore this shocking evil should be condemned.

God has clearly spoken these most memorable words: “Love your neighbor” and “You shall not kill”,
But a man is being murdered, a knee still pressed upon his neck, unable to move, he lay completely still.
The horror is witnessed by many, and his time is running short; the helpless man now cries out……..”Mama, I’m through!”
Doesn’t such an injustice break your heart? Can you imagine how scared he feels? And may I ask…….What if this were you?

The atrocity continues…….handcuffed and restrained, face pressed against the street, many minutes have now passed,
Blood is now running from his nose, onlookers are pleading for his life; we all look on terrified, feeling totally aghast.
The end is drawing near, as everyone hears him frantically beg. And yes, we still want to know………..Why is he not shown any compassion?
Hasn’t this officer taken an oath? An oath to serve and protect? He has laid that oath aside, in order to serve a cruel and barbaric passion.

This poor man is fighting harder and harder, hanging on for dear life, and yet continues to be brutalized,
The officer doesn’t stop, he continues on……callous and uncaring, showing no mercy; I can’t believe my eyes.
The man’s blood flow now barely reaching his brain, he now begins to plead……”I’m about to die!”
It is a most desperate cry, yet no help is given…….none. The officers who were there didn’t even try.

Nearly nine minutes have passed. The officer still shows no mercy. No heart. No compassion. He took an oath, yes he did……… to serve and protect.
But then committed murder on the street. Ignored his oath and broke God’s Law. How unspeakably tragic! His name is Derek. His duties he did neglect.

Nearly nine minutes have passed. And all of a sudden…….the helpless man is gone. He lay completely still. No more can he plead. No more can he cry.
Murdered on the street. By one who took an oath to serve. A nation weeps. The man’s name was George. We watched and heard his final goodbye.

The officer didn’t stop. The helpless man is gone. A nation weeps.

Nearly nine minutes have passed. It is now too late. Much too late.

The man’s name was George.


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