My First Father’s Day Without You

I thank you dad, how you always sacrificed for others,
For your wife, your children, your grandkids and brothers.
You left us a great example, that all of us should follow,
The grief of your passing has left us feeling so hollow.

I thank you dad, for knowing so much about many things,
I would call so often, and many problems to you I’d bring.
Without fail you had an answer, for you were always so wise,
And your deeds matched your words; your life surely testified.

I thank you dad, that you took such care of sis (your daughter) so well,
The love you gave when she was sick, a thousand lives could never tell.
And as for being a husband, your love for mom was very special indeed,
She is in such deep and intense pain without you; for her our hearts bleed.

I thank you dad, for being the kind of man I am striving to be,
I saw Christ in you; I saw your love; in fact, everyone could see.
You walked with Christ, trusting in Him, and putting others first,
Even when tired, even when you were hungry, feeling your worst.

You loved your grandkids with so much kindness, fun, and always with joy,
You gave them so many memories, far more precious than the greatest toy.
They will never forget you, and all that you meant to them over the years,
And neither will we, for you so greatly impacted us; so, we do shed some tears.

Thank you, my Heavenly Father, for giving me such an amazing earthly dad,
I know he is with You now, where he can no longer be sick, or scared, or sad.
I know my dad wasn’t perfect, but I saw how You were sanctifying him,
His light was shining, even to the end of his days, never growing dim.

Thank you Heavenly Father, for by Your Only Son my dad’s sins were bore,
And therefore I know I shall see him again, for he is with You forevermore!!


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