The Wonder of God’s Handiwork

Have you ever gazed in wonder upon the majestic handiwork of our Creator?
Have you noticed the mountain peaks carved out in their rugged beauty?
Have you ever wondered how the sun appears as it rises over the equator?
To ignore God when seeing any of these things is a woeful neglect of duty.

Have you heard the wondrous sound of water slowly trickling in a cave?
Have you heard the harmonious chorus of the robin and blackbird in the morning?
And how about the steady roar of the crashing ocean waves?
Does it make you drop to your knees and worship God? If not, I bring you a warning.

The heavens declare His glory! Please do not deny His infinite power,
The mountains, the oceans, the sun, the moon- they are all shouting,
That He alone is Creator of all that is; worship Him every minute, every hour.
Yes, God exists! And you will be judged by Him, so please stop doubting.

Have you ever noticed the majesty of the stars, how bright they shine!
Whom do you think these stars testify of? It is Yahweh! Fullness of divinity!
All of creation, from every sunrise to every deer giving birth, all are a sign,
Pointing to Him alone, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Blessed be the Trinity!


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