An Open Letter to an Abortionist, Part 1

Dear Mr./Mrs. Abortionist,

Have you considered…..

That your own life began at the moment of your conception,
And now you cannot even recognize your own self-deception.
You take evil blood money to destroy those beautiful tiny lives,
You destroy God’s image bearers; not even the fittest can survive.

Have you considered…..

That an unborn baby is a person, no matter his or her size,
But when they are brought to you, every one of them dies.
Have you no shame? And has your conscience been so seared?
Has your concept of right and wrong completely disappeared?

Have you considered…..

What the Bible says about murder, what God declares in His Word,
That He hates the taking of human life, yes indeed, His anger gets stirred!
The Scripture clearly says “You shall not murder”, so make no mistake,
Your occupation is a wicked choice that you must immediately forsake!

Have you considered…..

That the LORD sees you tear off the feeble limbs of all His precious little ones,
The moment you treat their body parts as if they were no more than crumbs!
How can you ever do this again? How can you get up and drive yourself to work?
Can you take your tools of blood in hand, and treat that baby like just another perk?

Have you considered…..

That you are lying to your family, lying to the public, and especially lying to your many patients,
You lead women to believe they can trust you, then you give their precious child an abortifacient?!
How can you ever go to sleep at night? How can you ever put a smile on your guilty face?
When you daily get paid to slaughter the most vulnerable members of the human race?

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