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Hello!!  My name is Jamie Francis.  I grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania and had spent my entire life there up until August of 2009.  Since that time, I have been living in Northern Virginia.  Here are some of my favorite things………

Food: Sushi, my mom’s homemade meatballs (you haven’t eaten meatballs until you’ve tried them), any Korean food, Vietnamese Pho noodle soup, Red Curry dishes, anything with Sriracha, and I LOVE cereal, Oh, and those Swedish Fish??!! Nuff said. Keep them FAR away from me. Also, Park Pizza in Williamsport, PA (Best Pizza Ever!!)

Books: The Bible, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment (Jeremiah Burroughs), Knowing God (J.I. Packer), and anything by Jerry Bridges or Philip Yancey

Hobbies: reading (a lot!!), watching movies with Leah, writing blogs (i know, go figure), and playing with our little dog ‘Angel’

Music: Casting Crowns, CityAlight, Shai Linne, Matt Maher, Sidewalk Prophets, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Lauren Daigle, Keith Green

Teams: Dallas Cowboys


On June 28th, 2008, I married a very beautiful, amazing woman named Leah.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  Outside of every spiritual blessing I have in Christ, she is God’s greatest gift to me.




Due to many difficult and painful circumstances, we do not have any children together.  But we do love our little Lhasa Apso named “Angel”.



Back in February 2002, I lost my beautiful baby girl, Ariana.  She was a stillborn baby.  I miss her so much, and she will always be in my heart!  You will probably see me write about her often. (-:  Much of my writing about her seems to come through poetry.

Most important of all, I am a child of the living God, the one true God.  I have been purchased by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.  He made atonement for me, and my sins, when He died on the cross more than 2,000 years ago.  Jesus, truly God and truly man, came to earth, born of the virgin Mary, lived a perfect, sinless, wholly righteous life.  At the end of His life, He willingly died on the cross for my sins, and the sins of all those throughout history who would ever believe in Him.  And He did not stay dead.  He rose again on the 3rd day!!!  Praise be His Name!!!  The singular purpose of this blog is to point you, and any other visitors, to the King Jesus Christ.  The reason is simple.  I do not want you to die in your sins and end up in hell.  I want you to know the forgiveness of Jesus.  I want you also to know all the joy and satisfaction that can only be found in Him.  He is the greatest and highest of all joys.  He is infinitely good, holy, and righteous.  And He loves sinners.  That is why I am here.  I hope and pray that you come away from a visit to this site with a desire to open up your Bible and learn more of Jesus.

I am a relatively new blogger, as I just started in May 2016.  I really hope you enjoy my articles.  Your feedback is always welcome, as I consider myself more of a learner than anything.  I have a long way to go in that department!

Take care and God bless you!  Thank you again for visiting my site!! (-:


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow, do I ever remember! While my wife then was being taken care of, I held Mitchel for about an hour. At 21 weeks, his skin was translucent. I could see Him in Mitchel. Every created organ. EVERY organ! To think that their is no God, no Creator while holding a child as Mitchel is ludicrous in my experience. The privilege of seeing Creation so prefect, will always stay in my heart, soul, mind – and eyes. My memory is as crystal clear today, after 19 years, as it was that day, September 1st, 1999.
    He brought joy to my wife, as Mitchel was her first natural birth after 3 c-sections. Imagine that for a moment. Giving birth to a child, stillborn, bringing joy.
    We had names picked out beforehand, for both genders.

    Mitchel Vaughn Pantozzi.

    Our MVP.

    I felt him today, exactly as he felt then, after reading that statement, of that memory.

    I could go on about each point in this post with my own memories.
    It’d be book length here if I did.

    Let me just say this.

    I lived it, I loved it, I am sad about it. I do know where my MVP is. He’s with his brother Joey, having a great time with their Grandmother – and most likely making Jesus laugh so hard, He cried out with Joy this time. 💜❤️💜


    • Wow, what an incredible story Joe! I love the MVP initials as well. Yes, there is an amazing joy that God gives us when we have a stillborn, that is due to His great mercy and love for us. He is with us in the pain, and carries us through it. It makes me think of Isaiah 43:2. Thank you for sharing Joe. It is so encouraging to hear stories of God’s love and faithfulness, especially in the darkest of moments. God bless. (-:


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