An Open Letter to an Abortionist

Dear Mr./Mrs. Abortionist,

Have you considered…..

That your own life began at the moment of your conception,
And now you cannot even recognize your own self-deception.
You take evil blood money to destroy those beautiful tiny lives,
You destroy God’s image bearers; not even the fittest can survive.

Have you considered…..

That an unborn baby is a person, no matter his or her size,
But when they are brought to you, every one of them dies.
Have you no shame? And has your conscience been so seared?
Has your concept of right and wrong completely disappeared?

Have you considered…..

What the Bible says about murder, what God declares in His Word,
That He hates the taking of human life, yes indeed, His anger gets stirred!
The Scripture clearly says “You shall not murder”, so make no mistake,
Your occupation is a wicked choice that you must immediately forsake!

Have you considered…..

That the LORD sees you tear off the feeble limbs of all His precious little ones,
The moment you treat their body parts as if they were no more than crumbs!
How can you ever do this again? How can you get up and drive yourself to work?
Can you take your tools of blood in hand, and treat that baby like just another perk?

Have you considered…..

That you are lying to your family, lying to the public, and especially lying to your many patients,
You lead women to believe they can trust you, then you give their precious child an abortifacient?!
How can you ever go to sleep at night? How can you ever put a smile on your guilty face?
When you daily get paid to slaughter the most vulnerable members of the human race?

Have you considered……

That Jesus Christ, the Giver of life and breath, said “Let the little children come to me”,
But you, who depend on God for every breath, say “Let the little children die…. for a fee!”
Doesn’t your conscience convict you? Don’t you see the evil of your murderous ways?
You are destroying Christ’s little ones, ripping them apart, taking away all their birthdays!

Have you considered……

That unless you repent, your punishment will be eternal hell, forever under God’s wrath,
So turn to Christ now! His anger is kindled against His enemies; there will be a bloodbath!
Forsake your sin of murder, and get right with God today; Do not neglect this warning!
For if you refuse to turn to Jesus, have you considered…. that your eternity will be full of anguish and mourning!


God Won’t Look the Other Way



God hates the sin of abortion; His holiness demands nothing less,
A woman’s right to choose? No! It’s a demand over which you obsess.
Precious babies are being destroyed, life given by their Creator,
Stop giving in to this wicked mindset; don’t be a ruthless God-hater.

The murder of innocent blood! How can you look the other way?
God knows each aborted baby by name; there will be justice to pay.
You only support a woman’s right to murder? And you think He doesn’t care?
Indeed He does! He will punish every evil thought, as Scripture boldly declares.

But you foolishly say…..

“God doesn’t care what I do. Surely He will look the other way.”
“Besides, this baby is a nuisance. I want to live my fullest today.”

But God says…….

“Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed.”
Heed what God says! If not,
you will one day look on Him with dread.

But you still foolishly say………

“God will look the other way. He will understand. Who needs Jesus? Surely there will be no punishment for this.”

To which I say……….

“Repent and trust in Christ today! What will you do after you die, when it’ll be too late? Will you offer Him Judas’ kiss?

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When a Tiny Heart Stops Beating

When a tiny heart stops beating, one of the darkest of all days,
An unborn baby’s life has ended, in the most violent of all ways.
So tragic that it happens almost daily, in every part of the globe,
Yet no cries for injustice, no investigations, not one single probe.

How despicable our nation has become, people have lost all shame,
Tiny hearts are being stopped! Legally! Ask yourself…who is to blame?
This should make us all recoil in horror, yet the wicked give it praise,
Like New York, who boast so proudly, under God’s all-knowing gaze.

Women are told to “shout” their abortion, then are treated like a hero,
As if babies have no intrinsic value, like their worth is less than zero.
Wake up America! Stop the slaughter! Stop defending that which is evil,
Repent and turn to Jesus, otherwise your day of judgment will be lethal.

But if you refuse to repent for being pro-choice, God’s wrath will be kindled,
You will not escape the eternal fire, for God can never be bribed or swindled.
So I urge you, make your peace with God today! Look to the cross of Jesus Christ, while you still have the chance,
And as for you, dear Christian, the gospel is the answer! Go and proclaim the Word, and watch His Kingdom advance!


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Let’s Rescue the Little Ones!

Let us hasten to rescue, to save our precious little ones,
To rescue them from death, all the daughters and sons,
Though innocent as doves, they are sacrificed to the gods,
The gods of Planned Parenthood, yet our nation applauds.

How can our people condone this? How can we be so cruel?
Who could approve of such wickedness? Only a moral fool!
Let’s rescue the unborn; they did nothing to deserve this,
How can we be so unfeeling? Indeed, how can we be so remiss?

What has happened to our culture, when it chooses to slaughter,
The most vulnerable and helpless of all, tiny sons and daughters,
God has given this nation over to its sin, but will He have mercy?
America is now under judgement; we are a people so unworthy.

So what can we do? By God’s grace, I say we go and rescue the unborn,
God will hold us accountable for our silence, yes, we have been warned,
He has commanded us to speak up, especially for those who cannot speak,
So be a man and preach against abortion. Now isn’t the time to be weak!

But we can all do something for the unborn, those who cannot help themselves,
Babies murdered by the millions, numbers that could fill entire bookshelves.

We need to step up, for God has equipped us! Let us be fearless; there are countless ways to love our neighbor,

What can you do?

I say, support Crisis Pregnancy Centers, adopt babies, preach the gospel at the mill; just get out there and labor!


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Dear Mommies, Love Your Down Syndrome Neighbor



Dear Mommies,

The little one whom God has knit together inside you, please do not destroy,
He has given you a most precious gift, the gift of a beautiful baby girl or boy.
God is weaving your baby together, and that He does with perfect precision,
Don’t murder your unborn baby; don’t make that hasty, irreversible decision.

Strive to “love your neighbor as yourself”; these are the very words of Jesus,
Our actions do not escape His watching eye, in everything we do He sees us.
He has given you your closest neighbor; within you He has provided them a home,
Don’t throw God’s gift away, simply because they have an extra chromosome.

But wait, isn’t this the baby’s own extra chromosome, part of their own DNA?
But yet you still proclaim, “This is my body!” My oh my, what logic you betray!
Don’t hate your baby by having them murdered, for to God you will one day have to answer,
Love and cherish your closest neighbor; abortion is evil and kills more people than cancer.

Now go and do the right thing; obey God’s command to love your neighbor as yourself,
Eat right, don’t smoke or drink, plan a baby shower, and file some diapers on the shelf.
A precious human life is growing inside your tummy, so stop listening to the evil voices of this world,
Jesus says you have a baby with an extra chromosome; a person, knit together by Him, a boy or a girl.


** To read about Ariana, my stillborn baby who had Down Syndrome, please click here. **


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Planned Parenthood Separates Families: Why Isn’t America Enraged?



Hard truth needs to be spoken sometimes. And the latest outrage when it comes to families being separated at the border is one such case. This is not a political post. It is a moral post. It has absolutely nothing to do with immigration policy, or about who is right or who is wrong on the issue. It is not about democrats versus republicans. It is not about who has the “better” answers when it comes to handling people of other nations trying to enter the United States. I’ll leave that kind of debate for FOX and CNN. Well………..maybe not. That’s kind of scary. Especially the CNN part. Anyway, the issue I’m about to address has to do with the “lesser” compared to the “greater.”

I won’t pull any punches here. Here’s your hard truth: If you are protesting with all of your energy what’s happening at our borders and using your social media as a platform to scream and holler about families being separated, and yet you are NOT enraged at Planned Parenthood SEPARATING 321,384 babies from their parents in 2017, then you are a hypocrite who has no concern whatsoever for families or human life in general. I see more people’s blood boiling over immigration issues than the fact that babies are being ripped apart in the womb by the thousands every day!! I ask, “Where is the outrage??”

It is so disturbing to me that we can show a series of about a dozen videos with clear footage of Planned Parenthood flat out admitting that they sell body parts of little babies, and almost no one even bats an eye lash in this country. But when a possible illegal immigrant is temporarily separated from his family for investigation purposes…………then and only then is everyone outraged. Planned Parenthood has been committing these atrocities for decades. Yes, decades. Nearly 50 years! And yet people see one, yes one single image, of a young girl crying at the border, and all of a sudden everyone becomes outraged. And then they all instantly become immigration experts, while signaling to the whole country just how “virtuous” they really are. You aren’t fooling anyone. And you certainly aren’t fooling God.

If anyone can provide a moral or logical explanation for this inconsistency, then please let me and everyone else know. I am not saying that we should not be heartbroken by families ever being separated. We should be. But I also think we should do everything we can to protect this country from outside harm, while trying to keep families together. And I honestly think this is what the Trump administration is trying to do. To be sure, this is a very difficult and complex issue with many nuances. No one has the perfect solution. We all just happen to think we do. But this isn’t my main point. I am simply asking, “Why is the outrage at the border so much more intense than the thousands upon thousands of lives Planned Parenthood destroys every single day?” They separate families every day by ripping apart babies in the womb. And you are not outraged at this? Why not? I thought keeping families together was so important to you?

And while we’re at it, I have another question for you……….

What makes the 10 year old child from Mexico crossing the border so much more valuable in your eyes than the 10 week old Mexican child being destroyed at your local abortuary? You don’t get to pick and choose whose personhood you value more. You don’t get to decide morality apart from what God says. God has created all human life, from the moment of conception. HE gives equal value to the immigrant and the baby in the womb.

For those of you who are pro-choice and approve of mothers and fathers electing to have their babies slaughtered, BUT you also claim to love Jesus, you are deceived. Even if you fight tooth and nail against Donald Trump because of his immigration policies, you are deceived. Even if you protest every day for the rest of your life in favor of keeping families together at the border, you are still deceived. To not be outraged against abortion is to approve of it. To be enraged about family separation, but not even bat an eye lash that body parts of little babies are being marketed by Planned Parenthood, is too disturbing for me to even comment on. And what’s really interesting is that I don’t see a whole lot in Scripture about what to do when illegals cross the border. It seems that God uses a lot more words to warn us against murdering human beings created in His image.

“These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood…..” – Proverbs 6:16-17

“…..No murderer has eternal life residing in him.” – 1 John 3:15b

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” – Revelation 21:8

And just one more thing……..

A family separated at the border at least has the chance of being reunited. A baby destroyed at Planned Parenthood has no such hope. Neither do the mommy and daddy. What’s done is done. And there is no chance of a family reunion.


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If You Keep Me Daddy, I’ll Be Your Princess



                                                       Dear Daddy,

Will you please be my hero? Will you help mommy? Will you help her take care of me?
Don’t be like those other daddies, cowards who run from their children, who get scared and flee.
And don’t be like daddies who hate their unborn babies, and encourage mommies to kill.
Will you be my hero and keep me? Will you let me live? Will you let me have that thrill?

Will you be there for me? After I am born, will you hold me? Will you change my diaper?
When I’m older, will you still be there for me? Will you calm me down when I am hyper?
Will you watch over me when boys try to date me? Will you question them really hard?
Daddy, your face looks really sad. Is that a tear in your eye? Am I catching you off guard?

Why are you taking me to the scary place? The place where they will take me from mommy?
How can you do this? You remember that ultrasound? Don’t act like you never saw me!
Daddy, all I ever wanted was to be born just like you were. Don’t I have the right?
But you’re taking me to the bad people. They’re coming to get me. Won’t you even put up a fight?

Will you be there to save me from the bad people? Will you do everything you should?
Keep them away daddy! Do you see them trying to hurt me? People from Planned Parenthood.
Daddy, I want you to know I love you. I want to be with you and mommy! Will you please change your mind?
And don’t worry daddy. I won’t even know that you wanted to abort me, that you wanted to leave me behind.

And even if I did find out, I would still forgive you and mommy; I know you both just got scared,
And if you keep me, I will be the best daughter ever! Please give me a chance. Will my life be spared?
Daddy, there isn’t much time. Will you please hurry? Did you know mommy is on her way to the abortuary?
The place they are going to murder me, tearing me to pieces. Oh daddy, I told you this place was so scary!

Please hurry! Will you come and get me? Remember, I am your baby girl! Won’t you be my hero?
I am God’s gift to you and mommy. Don’t extinguish my time. If you don’t hurry, my days will be zero.
Don’t you fear the Lord Jesus Christ? The One who created you and me. I am His precious child,
I want you to keep me. But I also want you to be forgiven by Jesus. Repent and be reconciled.

Be my hero now daddy. Go get mommy and tell her to stop, please, before it’s too late.
You know those really bad people of Planned Parenthood? They have so much hate!
Don’t let them hurt me! Stop listening to those voices of the world, your flesh, and the devil,
Because those bad people, they listen to those voices all the time; their evil is on another level.

Daddy, hurry, be my hero! I always wanted to be a princess. I wanted to learn to ride a bike. I want to get married,
What are you going to tell everyone if you let them murder me? Are you going to tell them mommy miscarried?
Oh daddy, I want you to always be there for me and mommy. I want you to read me Bible stories. Isn’t my life worthwhile?
Won’t you let me be born? Won’t you let me be your Princess? Daddy, one day, are you going to walk me down the aisle?

With love,

your little princess


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Law Not Upheld for Lawman Tony Miano


Babies are murdered there. Yes, they are still being murdered there. In Iowa City at a Planned Parenthood. Murdered babies. Every. day. That doesn’t sit well with former deputy sheriff Tony Miano. More importantly, it doesn’t sit well with God Almighty. This place is not a clinic. Although they may erroneously refer to it as such. It is not a healthcare facility in any sense. It is a place of demonic activity of the worst kind. Bloodshed. Unsightly, wicked brutality. And………….insanely…………..<<GULP!>>………….legal. Unfathomable, isn’t it? Tony certainly can’t fathom it. He tried to stop some of the bloodshed. He went to the abortuary. He preached. He pleaded. He read the Scripture. And he did it for this reason: so that the blood of precious babies would not be shed. Boys and girls created in the image of Almighty God. And he got arrested for it.

Tony also went to warn evildoers of the coming judgment. He told them of the only hope they have of forgiveness: the cross of Jesus Christ. Yes, Tony went to plead for the lives of the unborn. But he also went to bring the gospel to would-be murderers and those who have already murdered. Mothers. Fathers. And even those who are actually paid big money to extinguish the lives of little babies. Yes, people are paid big money to do that right now in the United States. For some ungodly reason, I hear them occasionally referred to as ‘doctors’. They are not doctors. They don’t heal. They kill. They need the gospel. Tony went to tell those who shed innocent blood that they could be forgiven by the innocent One whose blood was shed. Talk about a great exchange. It doesn’t get more extreme than that.

The Unjust Judge

People mangling babies wasn’t that big of a deal to Edward J. Leff. He knew baby murder was happening daily in his city. But this didn’t seem to cause him too much distress. But guess what was a big deal to him? Causing ‘distress’ to people who mangle babies. Yes, this atrocity was apparently too much for him to handle. The idea that premeditated baby murderers would be made uncomfortable was just not going to happen in his town. Not while he is judge anyway. For baby murderers to feel ashamed was, in the eyes of Magistrate Leff, the worst thing that could have happened at that Planned Parenthood in Iowa City back in May 2017.

The Iowa City Magistrate has banned Christian evangelist, and a dear brother in Christ, Tony Miano from preaching at any Planned Parenthood anywhere. That’s right, you read that correctly. Unjust. Judge. His thought process? You want babies to be saved, Mr. Miano? You want people to turn to Jesus Christ and be saved? Well then, you better find something more worthwhile to spend your time at. Cuz we ain’t having it here! Causing baby murderers to feel uncomfortable pushed this judge to render a totally asinine penalty.

Miscarriage of Justice

Judge Leff’s support for the evils of Planned Parenthood was obvious. All you need to do is listen to this audio from the trial. In fact, when rendering Miano’s sentence, he simply pointed out that women go into abortion clinics for healthcare reasons. Human decency, where have you gone? Healthcare? Are you serious? Leff’s hatred for the gospel was even more clear. It was like every time he opened his mouth he was heaping up more judgment on himself. Ironic for a judge, isn’t it? I really can’t describe just how horrible his arguments were during sentencing. They were so bad that, if the subject matter were not so serious, you could almost bust a gut laughing. The whole thing is a complete miscarriage of justice. Common sense, where are you? Consistency, where are you? That is my only commentary. Just listen to it. You’ll know what I mean. Even if you are not a Christian, listen to it. From the charges to the trial, to the verdict, to the sentencing. Total injustice. Here are Tony’s own thoughts. Judge Leff made it very clear what causes him distress.

The Gospel Won’t Be Stopped

You know what causes me distress? When a judge bans a brother in Christ from pleading for the lives of unborn children. The whole thing ought to make us sick to our stomach. But let’s just say that Leff’s attempt to throw down the gavel on the gospel will ultimately fail. God’s Word will never be thwarted by the evil decisions of men. Christians are never going to stop preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. This incident isn’t going to stop Tony, and it shouldn’t stop any of us either. In this recent episode of Apologia Radio, Tony made it clear what his prayer request was following this miscarriage of justice: to be bold in proclaiming the gospel, especially in the face of persecution. God’s Word always accomplishes the purpose it is sent for. (Isaiah 55:11) And most often this happens when it looks really bad for Christians. At least from a human standpoint. God receives the most glory when Christians are backed into a corner and cannot see a way out. So brothers and sisters, grab those tracts. Hit the streets. Knock on your neighbor’s door. Head out to an abortuary. Proclaim Jesus. Preach the cross always. Follow Tony’s example. Fear God alone. God. Not man. Hebrews 13:6 proclaims:

So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?”

That should be good enough for all of us. Stand up and be heard.

Call It Persecution

What happened to Tony is persecution. This is not a fact that Tony will ever make a stink about. He doesn’t want personal glory. That is who he is. And praise God for that! Believe me though, the ruling in this case is persecution. Too extreme you say? I beg to differ. According to, persecution is defined as:

program or campaign to exterminate, drive away, or subjugate people based on  their membership in a religious, ethnic, social, or racial group.

Judge Leff is trying to drive Tony away from Planned Parenthood. And by extension, he is trying to drive every other Christian from doing the same thing where they live. He wants to send a message. Try to save babies and you’ll be punished. You’ll be driven away. Plead for murderers to repent and believe the gospel and………you guessed it…………you’ll be driven away. Tyranny. Persecution. Unjust. Judge.

Let Us Pray

So let us pray for the Lawman. Let us pray for others who stand on the sidewalk at abortion mills. Pray that God would turn things around in this case. That true justice would ultimately prevail. Pray that Tony and other Christians could continue preaching the gospel at these killing places. Pray that God would cause the leaders of this country to legislate pro-life. Consistently. To hold their promises. Let us pray for judges to rule righteously. Whether that be at the county, state, or federal level. And don’t forget to pray for the Supreme Court. They need it. Do not neglect this valuable tool of prayer. If you think it is too far fetched for anything good to happen, remember the words of God:

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20)

Anger From Heaven

The ruling in this case is no laughing matter for issues of freedom of speech either. Or the free exercise of religion, supposedly protected by the First Amendment. It is no laughing matter for Miano and his family. It is certainly no laughing matter for babies in the womb. And above all, it is no laughing matter in heaven. Proverbs 6:16-19 could not be more clear:

These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

The Bible never says, “Thou shalt not cause distress to murderers.” It says, “Thou shalt not murder.” What is this world coming to when our court systems punish those who call out evil for what it is? What is going on when speaking up to defend and protect precious little babies turns a judge against you? Scripture gives further warning to such people in Isaiah 5:20:

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Message For Judge Leff

Judge Leff, if you ever read this, it ought to be a scary thing for you to see yourself in Bible prophecy. In the above verse, Isaiah is pronouncing judgment on those who call evil good, and good evil. That was you in the courtroom on January 9th, 2018. You called an establishment that has murdered millions of babies………….good. You called them good. Maybe you didn’t use those exact words, but it doesn’t matter. Your decision against Tony spoke volumes. And your comment about it being a place of “healthcare” made my stomach turn……again. You sounded like Planned Parenthood when they adamantly claim that they are all about healthcare………..since only 3% of their business is abortion. You took their bait. But Life Dynamics president Mark Crutcher would have this to say to you:

This is like defending the Ku Klux Klan by claiming that lynching is only 3 percent of what they do.

Try letting that quote marinate for just a while. It ought to bring chills down your spine.

Preach It, Brother Tony!

Judge Leff, I know you heard the gospel in the courtroom on January 9th, 2018. I know that Tony’s voice is loud and clear. And I know his gospel presentation is rock solid. I heard it. And I was rejoicing inside like you wouldn’t believe. And I’m willing to bet that you never heard the gospel preached like that in the courtroom. And you probably never will again. But I am glad you got to hear it. It is a testimony of God’s grace that something like that could even happen in your courtroom. I don’t think you realize what a grand privilege and mercy God gave you that day back in early January.

And you know what, Tony would do it all over again. Just so you and everyone else there could hear the glorious gospel. Even if he had known ahead of time that you would find fault with him, he would still preach to you. Why? Because Tony knows that ultimately, and ironically for you, every lost person is on a suspended sentence. Unless they turn to Jesus Christ in repentance and faith, they are merely on a suspended sentence. And that sentence is eternity in hell. No appeal process. No lawyers. The title of “county judge” won’t matter when you’re standing before the Judge of the world.

Judge Leff, prosecutor Andrea Jensen, security worker Michael Bailey, and many others involved in this case: I have the same message for you as Tony does today. The very thing that you found so disdainful in the courtroom, the gospel, is the very thing you need to embrace. Christ died for baby murderers, liars, thieves, hypocrites, the sexually immoral, blasphemers, those who protect the evil and prosecute the good, and………..unjust judges. By God’s mercy, you all still have time. Trust in Jesus. Be forgiven. Your life is your trial. Christ is your only Advocate. Seek Him. The gavel has not come down on any of you just yet.


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44 Years of Horror: Our Prayer to Overturn Roe v Wade

Image result for overturn roe v wade images
Our hearts cry out to You, our Lord and our God, to end this brutality of abortion, to end this wicked crime,
To end the destruction of so many precious little babies, we plead with You fervently, for now is the time.
And just as the persistent widow kept pressing the unjust judge, we come to You, Lord Jesus, again and again and again,
For You are infinitely better than the widow’s judge, You are the only One who can put an end to this unmerciful, vicious sin.

Your Name is full of justice and mercy, for You are the Lord Most High, the One who gives us our life and breath,
For in You we have our existence, our very being, but Roe v Wade has brought to this nation nothing but death.
The slaughter of the unborn is contradictory to Your Holy Name, for your Name itself is the Way, the Truth, and the Life,
But abortion providers take that life which You graciously give, and sever millions from the womb, no different than a serial killer with a blood soaked knife.

Planned Parenthood is the worst offender, for they are much like the infamous King Herod, having shed countless streams and pools of innocent blood,
Grant them repentance over their wickedness, for You are storing up Your righteous wrath, even more so than in the days of Noah, and the worldwide flood.
Planned Parenthood has no compassion for life and personhood, and their only regard is for their own wallet, and their own prosperous existence,
So we plead with you Lord, just like in Luke, when the bold friend knocks on the door at midnight for some bread, please do not ignore our persistence.

Image result for praying for pro life imagesLord Jesus Christ, bring justice to the United States of America, and unite our diverse nation together under this vitally important cause,
To love and cherish those who cannot speak for themselves, who cannot protest for their very own lives, who cannot change our nation’s laws.
There are those who get angry and shout, “But it’s the woman’s body! Leave her alone and go away!”
But we know that to You, a baby is just as much a person, created in Your own image, knit together by You, with a complete DNA.

Oh Lord, please help our President Donald Trump, also Congress, and the Supreme Court, to make the right moral choices,
To legislate in the fear of You, according to Your Commandments, and give us what America needs, righteous and God-fearing voices.
Make them fear only what You think, and not what sinful man may do to them, or that their popularity might fade,
Cause them to please only You, to create and uphold laws that protect the unborn, and to finally, once and for all, overturn Roe v Wade!


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Dear Scarlett Johansson, I Beg You From Inside the Womb

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Dear Ms. Scarlett,

You don’t know me, but I have heard of you. I think you have a really pretty name, a name I would love to have, a name I would love to keep,
But guess what? Babies like me don’t get to have a name, even though I am a person made in God’s image, a human being, truly unique.
And I am a baby girl, just like you once were, but now someone is coming to hurt me, and no one hears me when I cry,
Oh Ms. Scarlett, won’t you speak up for me? Won’t you stop them? Won’t you at least try?

I hear you gave a famous speech recently, fighting for rights that are being denied,
It must have been great, it must have been powerful, for I hear many people even cried.
I was wishing real hard that you were fighting for babies like me, but then I found out that the lady with a really pretty name,
She was not fighting for me, she was fighting for those who are trying to kill me, please tell me that you were just playing a silly game.

There isn’t much time, they are coming for me, I hear them walking into the room,
Ms. Scarlett, was I bad or something? What did I do? Why should I meet my doom?
I am in a place just like you once were, inside my mommy where it’s supposed to be safe to stay,
But now I’m scared in here; but it wasn’t scary for you. Oh, Ms. Scareltt, I don’t wanna die, would you please pray?

I hear them saying things to mommy, horrible things they are gonna do to my organs and my bone,
Oh, Ms. Scarlett, please make another speech, and tell the scary people to please leave me alone.
Mommy told them that some man did something bad to her body, on the day I got made,
Now they are going to do something even worse to me, they don’t care about either of us; the scary people got paid.

Many people are telling mommy that it’ll be better if she doesn’t have to worry about me anymore,
They told her that, if I live, I would just be a nuisance, a reminder of a bad memory, an unpleasant chore.
I heard my mommy talking to these people about that speech you made, she said it’s the reason she brought me to the scary place today,
She said you told everyone that this place is “safe” and “gentle”, and I wondered how that could possibly be?! Ms. Scarlett, your silly game I don’t want to play.

I wish that man didn’t do those bad things to mommy, I wish he wouldn’t have been so mean and full of hate,
I bet she was very afraid when he did that bad stuff; it wasn’t her fault, she only wanted to wait.
But it wasn’t my fault either, and now the scary people are going to murder me. And you know what? They won’t even bury me in a tomb.
Oh Ms. Scarlett, please hear me! Please! There is no time to spare. Listen to God’s voice who said, “For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.”

Yes, lady with a really pretty name, don’t you know that Jesus Christ put me together in my mother’s womb?
And now, because of your speech, the scary people are going to suck my insides out with a vacuum!
Don’t let them do this, I beg you! Make them stop being scary. Make them go away. Make them flee!
Oh Ms. Scarlett, won’t you help me?! Won’t you stop them?! Won’t you speak up for me?!


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