One Year Closer to the Return of Jesus: A Reason To Be Excited About 2017


We can get excited about 2017, as it is one year closer to Christ’s glorious return,
One year closer to seeing His splendor, and a bit closer to the day when the old earth will burn.
One year closer to the time of our resurrection, and a bit closer to having no more sin,
As we wait in joyful hope, with no fear of what may come, Christ has guaranteed that we will ultimately win.

One year closer to the time the sky splits open, and a bit nearer to the archangel shout,
One year closer to a time of unending joy, when faith becomes sight, and the end of all doubt.
As we go before Him who saved us by His blood, and before His mighty throne on our knees we will bow,
We are one year closer to a time of unending fellowship, with all the saints of time past, those from then and of now.

One year closer to the day our journey is complete, and just a bit nearer to that enormous trumpet sound,
And as we approach the Lord Jesus, we will remember that once we were lost, and now we are found.
For those who come with empty hands, broken and poor in spirit, and in Jesus Christ have placed their trust,
They will have nothing to fear, but the ungodly will shrink back, and cry to the rocks and mountains, “Fall on us! Fall on us!”


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But please don’t be the one who rejects the Lord Jesus, for He has given you 2017 to be a time of change, a time of amazing grace,
For if you refuse this saving gospel and the Lord’s forgiving mercy, you will be one step closer to everlasting disgrace.
So now unbeliever, don’t wait, don’t delay any longer, for 2017 is just one year closer to the Day of God’s wrath,
And if you want to experience eternal joy with Christ, you must do what all the saints have done, and get on the right path.

Just one year closer, fellow Christians, keep holding on until the day you die or the day He makes all things new,
You will not regret your hours in the Word and in prayer, nor will you regret the time spent every Lord’s Day in the pew.
Because all that we suffer now, and in all our pain in the coming 2017, it’ll be what the Apostle Paul calls light and momentary affliction,
One Day we’ll realize the fight is all worth it, because Christ is worth it; He saved us and is now singing over us with joy; can you imagine any better description?!

One future day I’ll see my great God and Savior, riding on a white horse, shining like the sun in full strength,
And the most wonderful thought of all; I will see His glorious face not just for 365 days, but for eternity, a time of infinite length.
Oh Lord Jesus, I do not know the day nor the year of your return, you have kept that secret, but I do know this one thing,
That in 2017 it’ll be one year closer, a few more sands in the hourglass closer, a few more ticks closer to the day I’ll see my King!


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Oh Unbeliever, How Can You Reject The One With Eyes Like Fire?


Oh Unbeliever, do you not know?  Have you not heard?

Jesus Christ will return, riding on a white horse, and His eyes will be like blazing fire,
He will seek vengeance on all the unrepentant; such as blasphemers, thieves, and all liars,
A sharp sword comes out of His mouth, and He will repay everyone who hates Him,
Your day of destruction will surely come, and the time you have left is getting slim.

There is only One I see in Scripture, to whom all others bow down to,
There is only one with the perfection of being both Faithful and True,
The only One of whom it is said, His eyes are like a flame of fire,
He will exact perfect justice against his adversaries; your situation will be dire.

You did not retain God in all your thoughts, and you allowed your conscience to become seared,
When those eyes of fire gaze upon you- His enemy, Christ will be greatly feared,
By all of you who rejected Him, and spurned His perfect work on that Roman cross,
And then it will be too late, you will have no second chance; it’ll be a total, irrevocable loss.

But the Christ is worthy of all praise and worship, and we who are believers will be with Him forever,
And we will see His face, safe and secure always with the Lord, a bond that no one can sever,
Oh unbeliever, why do you reject Him? His wrath will be without mercy, His judgments will be without flaw,
He will crush you under His feet, as you suffer in that dreadful place of hell, reaping what you deserve from the penalty of His law.

Titus 3:5 He Saved Us By His Mercy (gray)
But right now you have time, precious time, more ticks of the clock, God is stretching out His merciful and gracious hand,
Oh unbeliever, come to the Lamb of God, come to the Lamb for forgiveness, for His fierceness and wrath you cannot withstand,
I urge you to repent and go to the Lord Christ and be saved, with empty hands comprised only of faith, then take up your cross and deny yourself,
For He is much more than just an escape from His wrath; He offers life, satisfaction, pure joy, indeed Jesus gives us the greatest gift of all………….. Himself!


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