The Brightness of the Son Eclipses All




The anticipation was overwhelming, and the people’s response was not to be believed,
The world watched with utter fascination, as the moon passed between earth and sun,
But many did not dwell on its Creator, of whom no human mind can fully conceive,
The brightness of His glory eclipses all, for He is truth and light; He is God the Son.

Even such a mind-blowing stellar event cannot compare to the brightness of Christ Jesus,
For created things can never rise above their Creator; He stands infinitely far above all,
His face shines like the sun in full strength, and with His blazing eyes He sees us,
Earth and sky will at once flee from Him; His majesty makes them seem so very small.

Upon that day when they finally see Jesus, there will be no protective glasses for unbelievers to wear,
They will hide in the mountains, and call for rocks to fall on them; they spurned the cross and all it stands for,
They rejected Christ and will forever be consumed by His holy fire; He will not give them even one kind stare,
For they have turned away from the King, and treated redemption like it were something cheap, to be bought in a store.

The creation of the sun, stars, and the billions of galaxies; all of these came from the mighty Word of God,
He sets everything in motion and decrees from eternity past the time of every eclipse, long before the world even began,
And one day Christians will see Him with unveiled glory; no need for glasses, no need to fear or put on a facade,
For God loves His children, those who trust in Him; for the perfect Lamb has rescued them from the terrible fall of man.

Remember the transfigured Jesus before His terrified disciples? Remember Isaiah’s reaction to seeing the pre-incarnate Christ?
Well……..the brightness of that eclipse you witnessed is like a light bulb, unable to be perceived when in the presence of its Maker,
I hope the sight reminded you of Jesus, of His infinite power and wisdom; and that He came down from heaven and was sacrificed,
For if you only see the eclipse as an end in itself, not pointing to the King, then fear for your soul; you are an unforgiven lawbreaker.

To all unbelievers, whether you are an atheist, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Muslim, of even a regular churchgoing hypocrite,
Look to the Light, look to the heavens and be saved, look to the Christ who died and rose again, so that you might live,
Look to the One the recent eclipse merely pointed to, the One who bled and died for sinners, go to Him and admit,
That you have worshiped lesser things, maybe not sun and moon, but yourself; repent and turn to Jesus; He will forgive.


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One Year Closer to the Return of Jesus: A Reason To Be Excited About 2017


We can get excited about 2017, as it is one year closer to Christ’s glorious return,
One year closer to seeing His splendor, and a bit closer to the day when the old earth will burn.
One year closer to the time of our resurrection, and a bit closer to having no more sin,
As we wait in joyful hope, with no fear of what may come, Christ has guaranteed that we will ultimately win.

One year closer to the time the sky splits open, and a bit nearer to the archangel shout,
One year closer to a time of unending joy, when faith becomes sight, and the end of all doubt.
As we go before Him who saved us by His blood, and before His mighty throne on our knees we will bow,
We are one year closer to a time of unending fellowship, with all the saints of time past, those from then and of now.

One year closer to the day our journey is complete, and just a bit nearer to that enormous trumpet sound,
And as we approach the Lord Jesus, we will remember that once we were lost, and now we are found.
For those who come with empty hands, broken and poor in spirit, and in Jesus Christ have placed their trust,
They will have nothing to fear, but the ungodly will shrink back, and cry to the rocks and mountains, “Fall on us! Fall on us!”


Image result for hour glass images


But please don’t be the one who rejects the Lord Jesus, for He has given you 2017 to be a time of change, a time of amazing grace,
For if you refuse this saving gospel and the Lord’s forgiving mercy, you will be one step closer to everlasting disgrace.
So now unbeliever, don’t wait, don’t delay any longer, for 2017 is just one year closer to the Day of God’s wrath,
And if you want to experience eternal joy with Christ, you must do what all the saints have done, and get on the right path.

Just one year closer, fellow Christians, keep holding on until the day you die or the day He makes all things new,
You will not regret your hours in the Word and in prayer, nor will you regret the time spent every Lord’s Day in the pew.
Because all that we suffer now, and in all our pain in the coming 2017, it’ll be what the Apostle Paul calls light and momentary affliction,
One Day we’ll realize the fight is all worth it, because Christ is worth it; He saved us and is now singing over us with joy; can you imagine any better description?!

One future day I’ll see my great God and Savior, riding on a white horse, shining like the sun in full strength,
And the most wonderful thought of all; I will see His glorious face not just for 365 days, but for eternity, a time of infinite length.
Oh Lord Jesus, I do not know the day nor the year of your return, you have kept that secret, but I do know this one thing,
That in 2017 it’ll be one year closer, a few more sands in the hourglass closer, a few more ticks closer to the day I’ll see my King!


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Don’t Waste This Christmas Season: Share the Gospel

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It happens every Christmas season, as people seem to be more open than ever to hearing about our Lord,
You can see it on their faces; they’re not quite as angry, they’re not quite as bored.
They may not always receive the message with gladness, but they are usually more kind,
And a more opportune time to share the love of Jesus Christ, this you will not find.

When you go outside and walk the streets, there is something special in the air,
Or when you go shopping and walk around the mall, happiness is certainly not rare.
When you hear the Salvation Army ringing those familiar bells, it’s time to remember,
That it’s all about how we love others and share Jesus; the time is now, the month of December.

So let us pray for opportunities to speak the Good News this Christmas season, that God would give us a heart of boldness and compassion,
Let us not waste this precious time; we must tell others of how the Word became flesh and then died for our sins, as such was His passion.
Some might say, “But we should be evangelizing all the year long.” To which I say, “Yes, I agree that we should always be seeking others and sharing”,
But in our weakness, with certain people we seem to constantly pull back, and Christmas time may be one way God gives us a push, and a heart full of caring.

So……send your sister that Facebook message, hand out that gospel tract at Target, invite that neighbor over for dinner,
Keeping in mind that it is not about you, or your comfort or ease, or that everyone in town would think you’re such a winner.
But it is always and ultimately about Jesus Christ, the God-man, the Son of the Most High, who came to this cursed and sinful earth,
So that we would die to sin and live for Him, dying to our fear of man, and telling others to trust in the One who gives the second birth.

That unsaved friend or neighbor might even expect to hear the gospel this Christmas season. Could this be true?
And maybe God has entrusted someone specific to speak the Word of life to them; I wonder, could this someone be you?
You may feel anxious and scared, as I myself often do, but God is with us every step of the way,
So let us take our fears to Him, and be sharing this glorious message with others, as we anticipate Christmas Day.

But brothers and sisters, let us not stop on Christmas; let us pray to the Lord, that this gospel of our salvation would be on our lips always,
Into the New Year, and each and every day thereafter, that He would help us in our weakness, to share the love of Christ all of our days!


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Oh Unbeliever, How Can You Reject The One With Eyes Like Fire?


Oh Unbeliever, do you not know?  Have you not heard?

Jesus Christ will return, riding on a white horse, and His eyes will be like blazing fire,
He will seek vengeance on all the unrepentant; such as blasphemers, thieves, and all liars,
A sharp sword comes out of His mouth, and He will repay everyone who hates Him,
Your day of destruction will surely come, and the time you have left is getting slim.

There is only One I see in Scripture, to whom all others bow down to,
There is only one with the perfection of being both Faithful and True,
The only One of whom it is said, His eyes are like a flame of fire,
He will exact perfect justice against his adversaries; your situation will be dire.

You did not retain God in all your thoughts, and you allowed your conscience to become seared,
When those eyes of fire gaze upon you- His enemy, Christ will be greatly feared,
By all of you who rejected Him, and spurned His perfect work on that Roman cross,
And then it will be too late, you will have no second chance; it’ll be a total, irrevocable loss.

But the Christ is worthy of all praise and worship, and we who are believers will be with Him forever,
And we will see His face, safe and secure always with the Lord, a bond that no one can sever,
Oh unbeliever, why do you reject Him? His wrath will be without mercy, His judgments will be without flaw,
He will crush you under His feet, as you suffer in that dreadful place of hell, reaping what you deserve from the penalty of His law.

Titus 3:5 He Saved Us By His Mercy (gray)
But right now you have time, precious time, more ticks of the clock, God is stretching out His merciful and gracious hand,
Oh unbeliever, come to the Lamb of God, come to the Lamb for forgiveness, for His fierceness and wrath you cannot withstand,
I urge you to repent and go to the Lord Christ and be saved, with empty hands comprised only of faith, then take up your cross and deny yourself,
For He is much more than just an escape from His wrath; He offers life, satisfaction, pure joy, indeed Jesus gives us the greatest gift of all………….. Himself!


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No Other Gods, Christ Reigns Supreme!


As I search through Holy Scripture, and fix my eyes upon its countless pages,
There is One who shows up everywhere, and He is called the Name above all names,
The many passages are all there, being referenced throughout the biblical ages,
He is clearly the One to be worshipped above all, God isn’t playing games.

You can search through a thousand books, and read about a thousand people,
You can search for their accomplishments, and see what accolades they have won,
You can search for the godliest men in churches, even climbing the highest steeple,
But Jesus Christ towers above them all, surely this is true when all is said and done.

When God the Father looks upon Christ, He tells us that there are no other gods,
And when the Spirit does the same, He points to eternal life in Christ’s magnificent Name,
When the saints throughout time look upon Him, they show agreement with a nod,
That the Son of God, through His perfection in life and death, has achieved history’s greatest fame.

Some have even thought they were gods, others have simply claimed to be great,
Some have lived as doctors or lawyers, and many have fulfilled their lifelong calling,
And yet, no matter what their job title says, or how much money they make,
When they stand before the Christ, I tell you this…….toward the ground they will be falling.



All the other gods are idols, worthless beings made up by sinful human hearts,
They vary in type from person to person, but they all have in common these three things,
They cannot save you, they cannot help you, and if you trust them you will fall apart,
For Christ is the only One who can hear you, who can save you; He is the only One deserving to be called the King of kings.

We may not carve statues out of wood or stone, yet we often desire the idols of our mind,
And yet these idols can never satisfy us………..not yesterday, tomorrow, or today,
We could search galaxy after galaxy, and one more worthy than Christ we will not find,
For He is the only One who can fully satisfy, His Name being Jesus, and He is the only Way.

So in the midst of all the turmoil and chaos, as we seek to find our life’s meaning,
And as we seek to know who to turn to, in these times of fear and desperation,
Remember this: To look to idols, and have your heart’s desire on them leaning,
This is a recipe for disaster, so repent and turn to the One who is King of all creation.

None have come before, and none will come after, who is perfect in holiness and purity,
All the other false gods, despite what they may promise, always leave us full of frustration,
But Christ alone, who always does that which pleases the Father, He will be your surety,
He will never let you down, for He is the only One worthy of our trust, praise, and adulation.


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The Glorious Face of Jesus Christ


To see the glorious face of Christ, with my eyes so full of awe and wonder,
To hear Him speak, with the sound of roaring waters and heavenly thunder.
To see Him who is co-equal with the Holy Spirit and God the Father,
To spend time dwelling on anything else, why would you even bother?

He is before all worlds, uncreated, fullness of deity, with no beginning and no end,
And yet, how often we dazzle ourselves with lesser things like the latest trend.
His radiance is indescribable, His love immeasurable, and infinite His worth,
Dear Christians, upon His beauty will we forever gaze on New Heavens and New Earth.

So let us not grow tired and weary, acting as though we are living in despair,
For we hope in His precious promises, of which nothing else can compare.
And when that final Day comes, either by death or by His sudden appearing,
To see His glorious face, a radiance needing no sun, and a sight forever endearing.


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The Wonder of God’s Love For Me | <b>The Love of God</b>












Oh the mystery of it all, that Jesus would look upon me with compassion,
When all I ever did was think and commit sin in every possible fashion.
Why did He do this, you may ask?  Could it be that He is infinitely loving and kind?
Yes, it is true!!  And you could search the worlds, and another Savior you will not find.

There are many kings and rulers, but there is only One who is the King of all kings,
And for all of eternity, I could tell you about this Sovereign Ruler so many more things.
For this God-man is perfect in all His ways and He never sinned, not even one time,
But He, yes HE, was nailed to a Roman cross, falsely accused; He committed no crime.

One thing I will always hold onto, and that is knowing that He is holding onto me,
His grip is so tight that He loses none who are His; I believe this; I cannot flee.
Oh the mystery of it all, that the Holy One of God would die for those who deserve hell,
And though a mystery it is, I know right now, that with my body and soul…….it is well.


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May I Introduce You to King Jesus


What excitement I have to write about my King and Savior,
Who gives me this great privilege, despite my behavior.
He has brought me into His Kingdom in order to make much of Him,
But compared to His infinite greatness, my words will only appear dim.

To the King Jesus Christ, who is awesome, all glorious, and full of majesty,
To represent Him in a lesser way would be the height of travesty.
With my eyes fixed on Him, I look to God’s grace to magnify His Name,
And with the hope that His grace would reach you, I pray that you would do the same.


There aren’t enough blogs written, and there isn’t enough space,
To rightly portray the anticipation of seeing His wonderful face.
But for now I can play a small part in spreading the Good News,
For it is the Lamb of God, who came to earth to pay our sinful dues.

This King is unlike any other, for He is above and beyond, completely supreme,
And to love Him and trust Him, means that you and God are on the same team.
This Supreme Ruler left His throne, humbled Himself, and died on a cross; oh how this makes me want to sing,
And sing forever I will, for one day I will be with Him face to face; won’t you join me now?  And if you do, YOU will have joy in introducing others to the King!


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