That Bitter Cup Jesus Drank



Jesus drank that bitter cup, the cup of the Father’s wrath,
He drank it for sinners like us, for it was His chosen path.
Every last drop of Heaven’s fury absorbed, He took it head on,
To glorify God, to forgive and restore us, our sin now is gone.

Jesus drank every last drop, He was spared nothing at all,
Suffering for every believer, corrupted by Adam’s great fall.
God’s infinite anger toward His enemies, laid on the Christ,
Jesus cried out “My God! My God!”, He paid the ultimate price.

Jesus drank that dreaded cup, the cup that you and I deserve,
He did it for love of the ungodly, the rebels He came to serve,
He brought us escape from death, saving us from the lake of fire,
By giving us Himself, the One whom everyone ought to desire.

Jesus drank it all, the cup that made Him pray, “Father, let this be taken!”
But He came to do God’s will; this foreknown plan would never be shaken.
He cried “Why have you forsaken Me?”, while on the cross bearing our sin,
He stood in our place, bled and died our punishment; then He rose again!


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Dear Mommies, Love Your Down Syndrome Neighbor



Dear Mommies,

The little one whom God has knit together inside you, please do not destroy,
He has given you a most precious gift, the gift of a beautiful baby girl or boy.
God is weaving your baby together, and that He does with perfect precision,
Don’t murder your unborn baby; don’t make that hasty, irreversible decision.

Strive to “love your neighbor as yourself”; these are the very words of Jesus,
Our actions do not escape His watching eye, in everything we do He sees us.
He has given you your closest neighbor; within you He has provided them a home,
Don’t throw God’s gift away, simply because they have an extra chromosome.

But wait, isn’t this the baby’s own extra chromosome, part of their own DNA?
But yet you still proclaim, “This is my body!” My oh my, what logic you betray!
Don’t hate your baby by having them murdered, for to God you will one day have to answer,
Love and cherish your closest neighbor; abortion is evil and kills more people than cancer.

Now go and do the right thing; obey God’s command to love your neighbor as yourself,
Eat right, don’t smoke or drink, plan a baby shower, and file some diapers on the shelf.
A precious human life is growing inside your tummy, so stop listening to the evil voices of this world,
Jesus says you have a baby with an extra chromosome; a person, knit together by Him, a boy or a girl.


** To read about Ariana, my stillborn baby who had Down Syndrome, please click here. **


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What Jesus Has Done







What Jesus has done……….

He’s done for sinners like you and me,
He came to give us life, and set us free.
He’s given His Spirit and called us forth,
People from east, west, south, and north.

What Jesus has done……….

He’s done once and for all, bearing all our sin,
Clothed in human flesh, and born of a virgin.
He took God’s wrath for us, hanging on a tree,
His Spirit changes hearts, giving us eyes to see.

What Jesus has done…………

He’s done in love, coming to us in mercy and grace,
Truly God, truly man; without sin, not even a trace.
He went to the cross, His innocent blood being shed,
He didn’t deserve any of it; it should’ve been us instead.


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What If You Could See Your Baby Again?



What if…………………..

You could see your baby again? What if they looked you directly in the eye?
What a moment this would be! But what if they asked, “Why did I have to die?”

What if……………………

You had the chance to ask them anything at all? What would your question be?
What would you ask? Would you say, “Have you been thinking much about me?”

What if…………………….

You saw their precious face and thought, “Wow, you look just like my own twin!”
What if you saw your likeness in their eyes, before they were taken away again?

What if………………………

The time to visit with your baby was running out, and you had to act fast?
With the thought that you’d be separated again, leaving you totally aghast.

What if……………………….

You had the chance to ask them about heaven, and how much they enjoy Jesus?
Imagine the feeling that would stir our hearts, what amazing joy would seize us!

What if………………………..

You knew your baby was perfectly well, being cared for by the Lord of glory?
And that you need not worry if they don’t visit, to tell you their heavenly story.

What if…………………………

You knew your baby would never visit you now, because they are in God’s hands?
And that the questions you now have, you can leave with the Almighty’s perfect plans.

What if………………………….

You baby has no more questions, but have everything they could ever want or need?
They are with Jesus, and they don’t ask why. Never doubt the plans God has decreed.


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My Sister, My Example, My Hero

photoYou are my hero Stephanie, I could not be as strong as you,
Never giving up hope, you are a fighter through and through.

No cancer could keep you down, the doctors are truly amazed,
There is nothing else to say but this: Let God’s Name be praised!

You are my hero Stephanie, you are beautiful inside and out,
Always smiling, always kind, showing us what love is all about.

God is watching over you, and His presence brings you peace,
So when you are lonely or anxious, to Him all your cares release.

You are my hero Stephanie, your testimony is now seen before all,
You have suffered many things, but it is your joy the nurses recall.

I thought I might lose you, not knowing the details of God’s story,
But He has been so merciful, bringing healing to display His glory.

You are my hero Stephanie, don’t forget God is with you in your trials,
His love is endless and never changes, it stretches for miles and miles.

I know some nights are worse than others, and each day has its own struggle,
But the Lord is in your midst, to deliver you from fear and enemy trouble.

You are my hero Stephanie, God’s promises will strengthen you in despair,
God did not spare His own Son for you, He will provide for your every care.

We have seen you come so far, so please continue to fight, and never be afraid,
He knows your need, He is your great High Priest; on Him your sin was laid.

You are my hero Stephanie, even in your pain your face lights up the room,
As a shining example to all, that each moment is a gift, even from womb to tomb.

You have taught me so many things, like the value of life, family, and friends,
Jesus is shining through you, so that all can see how much His love transcends.


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What Kind of Amazing Love is This?



What kind of love is this? The love of Jesus, who died and rose again,
To take away all of our guilt, absorbing the wrath of Almighty God,
Once and for all He did this, to remove all of our shame and sin,
The Son of God was falsely accused, condemned by an angry mob.

What kind of love is this? That God would clothe Himself in flesh,
Humbling Himself to the point of death; nailed to a splintered cross,
He gives us what we don’t deserve; everyday His mercies are afresh,
And He daily makes us more like Himself, removing all of our dross.

What kind of love is this? That we would receive every spiritual blessing,
Justified, sanctified, and one day glorified; All ours! Every one of these!
Let’s meditate on all that He has given us, in fact we should be obsessing,
That God has redeemed us; because we are in Christ, the Father is pleased.

What kind of love is this? That our God would give us His Holy Scripture,
Along with the Spirit of truth, to dwell within us, guiding us in all our ways,
A perfect love that shows us Jesus Christ, painting such a beautiful picture,
Revealing to us our blessed Redeemer, the One who is worthy of infinite praise.

What kind of love is this? That our God would be preparing a place for us,
Giving us hope that one day we will be with Him, and His Word is certain,
A New Heaven and New Earth, with many beautiful dwellings to discuss,
And all because of His amazing love, displayed on the day He tore the curtain.

What kind of love is this? A love that is perfect, a love that will never die,
A self-giving, sacrificial love that gives and gives, a love that is forevermore,
An everlasting love that never leaves you, a love that never says goodbye,
This is the love of Jesus, the Only Begotten Son; what more could you ask for?!


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If You Keep Me Daddy, I’ll Be Your Princess



                                                       Dear Daddy,

Will you please be my hero? Will you help mommy? Will you help her take care of me?
Don’t be like those other daddies, cowards who run from their children, who get scared and flee.
And don’t be like daddies who hate their unborn babies, and encourage mommies to kill.
Will you be my hero and keep me? Will you let me live? Will you let me have that thrill?

Will you be there for me? After I am born, will you hold me? Will you change my diaper?
When I’m older, will you still be there for me? Will you calm me down when I am hyper?
Will you watch over me when boys try to date me? Will you question them really hard?
Daddy, your face looks really sad. Is that a tear in your eye? Am I catching you off guard?

Why are you taking me to the scary place? The place where they will take me from mommy?
How can you do this? You remember that ultrasound? Don’t act like you never saw me!
Daddy, all I ever wanted was to be born just like you were. Don’t I have the right?
But you’re taking me to the bad people. They’re coming to get me. Won’t you even put up a fight?

Will you be there to save me from the bad people? Will you do everything you should?
Keep them away daddy! Do you see them trying to hurt me? People from Planned Parenthood.
Daddy, I want you to know I love you. I want to be with you and mommy! Will you please change your mind?
And don’t worry daddy. I won’t even know that you wanted to abort me, that you wanted to leave me behind.

And even if I did find out, I would still forgive you and mommy; I know you both just got scared,
And if you keep me, I will be the best daughter ever! Please give me a chance. Will my life be spared?
Daddy, there isn’t much time. Will you please hurry? Did you know mommy is on her way to the abortuary?
The place they are going to murder me, tearing me to pieces. Oh daddy, I told you this place was so scary!

Please hurry! Will you come and get me? Remember, I am your baby girl! Won’t you be my hero?
I am God’s gift to you and mommy. Don’t extinguish my time. If you don’t hurry, my days will be zero.
Don’t you fear the Lord Jesus Christ? The One who created you and me. I am His precious child,
I want you to keep me. But I also want you to be forgiven by Jesus. Repent and be reconciled.

Be my hero now daddy. Go get mommy and tell her to stop, please, before it’s too late.
You know those really bad people of Planned Parenthood? They have so much hate!
Don’t let them hurt me! Stop listening to those voices of the world, your flesh, and the devil,
Because those bad people, they listen to those voices all the time; their evil is on another level.

Daddy, hurry, be my hero! I always wanted to be a princess. I wanted to learn to ride a bike. I want to get married,
What are you going to tell everyone if you let them murder me? Are you going to tell them mommy miscarried?
Oh daddy, I want you to always be there for me and mommy. I want you to read me Bible stories. Isn’t my life worthwhile?
Won’t you let me be born? Won’t you let me be your Princess? Daddy, one day, are you going to walk me down the aisle?

With love,

your little princess


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Stop Trying to Rebuild Walls that Christ Tore Down



We are all one in Christ, one people, and one human race,
Image-bearers of every age, background, color, and place.
So why are some trying to divide us? What is the reason?
God doesn’t delight in this, no He doesn’t, not in any season.

There are some who preach about the “white” church, and some preach about the “black” church,
But this is about God’s image and the cross of Christ; let’s get back to the Bible and do the proper research.
Are we promoting ethnicity? Or the color of a man’s skin? Ummmm………do you remember Antioch? Do you remember Peter’s sin?
It is all about the cross, yes, the cross is what makes us all one kin.

Black, white, brown, red, yellow; what does this all matter?
We’re all even at the cross, none of us more worthy to flatter.
So what is all of this separation? It is contrary to the gospel!
Christ came to tear down the wall, and all that was hostile.

Racism of any kind is evil, even if you don’t have power,
Hating someone because of skin color, looking to devour.
It exists in every city and nation, all due to our sinful heart,
Let’s stop bringing it into the church; stop tearing us apart.

Some are saying, “You people need to repent of your ancestors’ sin!”
No! We must repent, but for our own sin, revealed by Christ within.
But not for sins we do not commit; that is a burden placed by others,
Others who want to erect another wall, separating sisters and brothers.

Let’s get back to the gospel, and spreading the kingdom of love,
Spreading the love of Jesus, a message many are now devoid of.
Do you disagree with all of this? Please, go and read Ephesians,
God has forever shattered the wall; you have no biblical reasons.

How about about Colossians 3? There is no distinction between Gentile and Jew,
The door to the Kingdom is wide open, and all are invited to walk through,
Christ has brought us near by His blood, whether slave or free,
His Kingdom has many branches, but we are all part of one tree.

Let us stop all this nonsense, dividing the body over racial distinction,
Division comes from satan; he wants to bring the church to extinction.
This isn’t healthy for the church; it doesn’t move us toward one another,
It increases suspicion, grieves God, and drives us away from our brother.

Made in God’s image, as human beings we are God’s crowning creation,
His likeness unites all of us as people of every tribe, tongue, and nation,
And those of us redeemed by Jesus Christ, we have even more to celebrate,
United in Jesus, all colors of skin; this truth the gates of hell cannot frustrate.

The sin of racism exists in people who are white, and in people who are black,
It exists in Asians, Indians, and Europeans; no one is going to be cut any slack.
So stop elevating one group over another, or encouraging any kind of separation,
We are all sinners in need of Christ, who became one of us through the incarnation.

The church needs to stop talking like the world, who are creating more racial barriers,
You see their skin color first?! Instead of God’s image?! No theology could be scarier.
To be sure, this worldview is not pleasing to Christ or any of His godly ministers,
It brings the devils to laugh and the angels to weep; it makes the church look sinister.

I can’t wait until the day! A day with no more racism, kinism, or any kind of ethnocentrism,
A day with no more terrorism, feminism, socialism, or that other big devil atheism.
A day when all the redeemed will gather, redeemed from every tribe, tongue, and nation,
The day when we will sing to our King, our mighty Lord Jesus, in our common adoration!

So let’s stop this dangerous teaching, and no more  playing these childish, worldly games,
For ONE day, with ONE voice, there will be ONE people, all worshiping our ONE Mediator…………….

The Name above all names!


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Where Have You Gone, My Sweet Stillborn?



Where have you gone, my sweet stillborn?
Where have you gone? My heart is so torn.
Why did you leave? Why couldn’t you stay?
For just one more hour, or perhaps a whole day?

You were here only briefly, then you vanished,
You looked frail and bruised, ever so famished.
You could not cry; you had no tear-filled cheeks,
But I cried for you, my baby, for days and weeks.

Where have you gone, my sweet stillborn?
Once with such energy inside mommy’s tummy;
Why do you now look so completely worn?
Why did you leave? Why couldn’t you stay?
I bought you toys. Don’t you want to play?

There was no heartbeat; you had no signs of life,
Original sin causes all of this death, pain, and strife.
My miracle wish was to hear just one single breath,
That wish did not come true; I witnessed your death.

Where have you gone, my sweet stillborn?
What can I do? How can I bear this thorn?
I can’t take you home; they took you away,
Oh to see you again; any sum I would pay.

No place to hide from this painful emotion,
Still so intense, so vivid, like a tearful ocean.
I reach out to God, for He understands pain,
He works all things; your death wasn’t in vain.

Where have you gone, my sweet stillborn?
I tried to pray today, and all I did was mourn.
But there is yet sunshine, even after the rain,
Because what I see as loss is your greatest gain.

Where have you gone, my sweet stillborn?
I know where you are; a place no one will mourn.
No time on earth, direct to the presence of our Lord,
You’re now with Jesus Christ, a far better reward.

They laid you in the ground, yes, they put you in a box,
Your tiny body among the grass, the dirt, and the rocks.
But oh, my sweet stillborn, you won’t remain in the ground,
Your body will rise and join your soul; you will see His face;
the King forever crowned.

His glory will surround! Spellbound!

My sweet stillborn, you will be spellbound!


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We Will See Our Babies Move



Don’t be still, my baby; Daddy wants you to look at him, and to smile,
Please rest your head against my arms, as I look into your beautiful eyes,
Now hold still, but only for a moment. Let me just watch you a little while,
You are created in God’s image, and amazing as can be; I tell you no lies.

You may be still, you may not be moving, but you are made for a reason,
A reason I don’t have, but there is a purpose for it all; Yes, God made you,
He knew what He was doing, His ways are perfect always, in every season,
God took you to Himself. You are with Him, and He is Faithful and True.

One day you will know me, my baby, you will see me; I will see you move,
I will see you move around. You won’t be still like you are here. I think of this,
I think of this when I imagine meeting you in Heaven, where God will prove,
That your stillness ends. My baby, what’s it like being with Jesus in total bliss?

In the end it all works out perfectly, my little baby, in the end I see you move,
Not just once, but all the time. No longer are you still. Your legs will run to Jesus,
Your mouth will praise Him with the angels. Your hands will serve Him in love,
Your glorified eyes will gaze on the King who loves you, the One who frees us.

So jump for joy when you receive your glorified body, for you won’t be still,
You will worship Him day and night; He is the One we will adore and praise,
You will be still for a moment, when you stop to take in His glory. What a thrill,
When you see His shining face, you will move with great joy! All of your days.


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