Which Sermon Has Made the Greatest Impact on Your Christian Life?

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I want to know which sermon has had the greatest impact on you. I want to know which sermon God has used to sanctify you more than anything else you have heard. The one that kept you up at night after you heard it. The one that you couldn’t wait to recommend to everyone at church, because you just knew their faith would be strengthened. I’m talking about the sermon that you’ve listened to dozens of times, and it never gets old. The one that convicts you every time you hear it. The one that makes you want to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” And most of all, the one that makes you appreciate and savor the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ above anything else you’ve ever heard. After all, Christ is the reason that pastors preach. He is the reason Christians listen to good sermons. We want to know Him and the power of His resurrection (Philippians 3:9). We want to love Him better than we do, and find out what pleases Him. Jesus is the One the Holy Spirit points us to when we hear Biblical preaching. That’s the kind of answer I’m looking for here. I really desire your feedback on this.

Which sermon are you thinking about now, even as you read this? Who’s it going to be?

Charles Spurgeon? John MacArthur? Martin Luther? Conrad Mbewe? John Piper? Paul Washer? Alistair Begg? George Whitfield? Al Mohler? Voddie Baucham? One of the Puritans (Watson, Bunyan, Sibbes, etc.) Jonathan Edwards? A sermon by your own pastor at your local church? The list could go on and on. But I do have one simple caveat: No heretics allowed. Your answer must be the name of someone who preaches the one true gospel. He must be orthodox when it comes to the main thing. Sorry to state the obvious, but it had to be said. So, Rob Bell……not allowed. Joel Osteen………not allowed. Benny Hinn……….well, I think you get the idea. Prosperity preachers need not apply. And if you have in mind that William P. Young guy who wrote The Shack, I plan on………..ahem……..accidentally skipping over that answer when I scroll through the comments.

This survey isn’t necessarily about the most popular preaching. It isn’t about sermons that tickle your itching ears. It’s about sermons that have increased your love and worship for Jesus Christ. It’s not about comfortable sermons that make you feel good about yourself. It’s about sermons that reveal how bad you truly are, but make you look to the cross with joy and adoration that you are a forgiven sinner. We, as the body of Christ, have been so blessed over the centuries with great preaching! It is a gracious gift from God. Listening to good preaching is one of the primary ways we grow in our sanctification. And I think it’s a good idea to let others know sermons that have helped us the most. That way, they can listen and benefit as much as we have. So do your brothers and sisters a favor, would you?

I believe it’ll be a great tool for others to use, especially new believers. Believers who may be unfamiliar with some of the great names throughout church history. Believers who do not yet possess good enough discernment when they google search sermons to listen to. Let us do good to one another by helping each other make wise choices. Please use the “comment” section below to give me your answer. I am looking for the name of the preacher and the title of the sermon. That’s it. Don’t worry about when and where it was preached. Name and title will suffice. If you would like, you can give a brief explanation of why the sermon means so much to you. But it isn’t required. I will publish the results after several weeks.

I am really interested to see what you have to say! Thank you so much for participating and God bless you!