Sarah Saunders Didn’t Ask the Red Hen To Bake a Trump Cake



Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her party were asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. The White House Press Secretary simply wanted to relax and enjoy a meal. She did not ask the restaurant to bake a cake with Donald Trump’s face on it. She did not ask them to rent her a banquet hall so she could promote conservative immigration policies. She did not demand that the restaurant bow down to any specific agenda. She didn’t ask them if they could all sing a song dedicated to our current President. In fact, she didn’t demand a single thing. She and the rest of her party simply walked into a restaurant like anyone else in the United States of America………. and she ordered food. Wow. The nerve of that woman! It just makes my blood boil! She actually walked into a public restaurant and sat down with a group of people, and then………….yes, can you believe it??!!!! She ordered food!!! Punish her!!!

Ok, I digress.

Sarah was not there to ask anyone to promote a political event, nor to gain approval for any of Trump’s policies. And the Red Hen knows all of this. And yet they still asked her to leave. Why? Because Sarah works for Trump, and they find his regime detestable. Ok. Their entitled to their opinion. But what in the world does her working for Trump have to do with her eating food at their restaurant? She simply wanted to relax and eat a meal. And she was kicked out for that reason alone. And everyone seems to be defending the Red Hen for what they did. It’s funny, but the liberals only seem to get angry when it suits their own agenda. Go figure.

To prove how ridiculous this whole thing is, try flipping the tables a bit. What if Hillary Clinton were president? What if her Press Secretary walked into a restaurant and was asked to leave? The liberal media would have a field day for the rest of our earthly existence. Everyone’s Twitter feed in Hollywood would be lit up with hateful accusations and chants of “bigot” against such a restaurant. The View would have a special “beat down” episode. And liberal governors everywhere would be calling for the head of the restaurant owner. The mantra of the day for the totalitarian left seems to be this: “As long as you treat people rudely, with anger and/or disdain, please make sure it’s someone that we don’t agree with. That makes it perfectly ok.”

So, for the most part, the Red Hen is praised for their discrimination. And I personally find that disgusting. You should too. This isn’t about politics. This isn’t about Trump. This isn’t about immigration. This is about a woman who walked into a restaurant and simply wanted to enjoy a meal. She did not ask them to violate their conscience in any way, shape, or form. If it violates your conscience to feed someone who disagrees with you about immigration policy, then you could refuse to serve just about anyone who comes into your restaurant! Where does this end? For instance, I find it repulsive that Hillary Clinton supports Planned Parenthood, the most wicked organization in the history of the world in my opinion. But if I owned a restaurant and she walked in to order a salad, can I just ask her to leave? Chew on that one for a while.

Sarah even left when the owner of the Red Hen asked her to leave. And she was extremely polite. She and her party simply left. And no one is yelling and screaming about it. No one is crying out against discrimination. No one is angry at the Red Hen like they were at Jack Phillips, when he refused to bake a cake for a same sex wedding. Everyone seems to be ok with what the Red Hen did in asking her to leave. But make no mistake. It is discrimination through and through. On the other hand, Jack Phillips refused to celebrate an event. He refused to bake a cake that celebrated same sex weddings. But he still served every gay person that ever came into his cake shop, including the same sex couple that sued him. That is the reason he won his Supreme Court case. He was asked to use his time, energy, and gifts to celebrate an event that God hates. Sarah Saunders did nothing of the kind. She simply asked them for some food, and offered to pay for it.

You may ask, “What is the difference between the two situations?” Very simple. The Red Hen refused to serve an actual customer. They discriminated against a person. This is nothing short of despicable. What if Jack Phillips refused to serve all gay people that came into his cake shop, regardless of what the cake is going to celebrate? People would be screaming bloody murder. In fact, many already are……….even in his current situation of winning his case. But if he refused to serve someone simply because they were gay, everyone would be up in arms. And rightly so! If Jack had refused to serve the couple simply because they were gay, then he certainly would have never won his Supreme Court case. And in fact, he shouldn’t win a case like that. I would side with the courts in a situation like that. I would hope that anyone would lose a case for simply refusing to serve gay people. Why? Because our convictions can never justify refusing people. Refusing people and refusing events are two very different things. We can never refuse to serve people. We can only refuse to promote and celebrate events that go against our conscience.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a person, not an event. She didn’t ask the Red Hen to create food that violated their conscience. She simply wanted to relax and eat a meal. Yes, she simply wanted to eat. This incident would have massive repercussions if Sarah chooses to take it further and seek legal action. But I don’t think she will do that. And the Red Hen ought to count their lucky stars and be supremely grateful that she doesn’t press the issue. I think Sarah would have a clear cut case of discrimination against them. Because if you can deny feeding people because you don’t like their immigration policies, then where does this all stop?

Remember, Jack Phillips serves gay people, just not gay weddings. He never asked the gay couple to leave his bakery. He never told them to get out or stay away. He simply could not pour his artistic, God-given skills into a cake that represented something God finds abominable. On the other hand, The Red Hen would not only refuse to make a cake promoting Donald Trump, but they proved that they go a step further. A very dangerous step further. They won’t even serve someone who is associated in any way with Trump. That is textbook discrimination. And they know it. And the liberals are biting their nails hoping that everyone just forgets about it. Unfortunately, they may get their wish. It looks like this is one incident that may just eventually fade into oblivion. What a shame.

It’s not like she asked them to bake a Trump cake.


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2 thoughts on “Sarah Saunders Didn’t Ask the Red Hen To Bake a Trump Cake

  1. First, I’ve met Jack Phillips, and even those supporting him get this wrong. He NEVER refused to sell the gay couple a cake (he OFFERED them a cake), he declined to ADORN their cake. He wouldn’t decorate it in the manner they asked (or demanded), so they sued. I’m an artist and a poet so to me it’s quite simple. You can’t demand someone exercise creative expression! C.E. comes from inspiration, from the heart, and if I’m morally against what you are for, where do I find inspiration if my heart’s not in it? How would I write lyrics to a song celebrating gay marriage if I’m morally against it? If someone demands an apology, can you also demand it be sincere?


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