When a Tiny Heart Stops Beating

When a tiny heart stops beating, one of the darkest of all days,
An unborn baby’s life has ended, in the most violent of all ways.
So tragic that it happens almost daily, in every part of the globe,
Yet no cries for injustice, no investigations, not one single probe.

How despicable our nation has become, people have lost all shame,
Tiny hearts are being stopped! Legally! Ask yourself…who is to blame?
This should make us all recoil in horror, yet the wicked give it praise,
Like New York, who boast so proudly, under God’s all-knowing gaze.

Women are told to “shout” their abortion, then are treated like a hero,
As if babies have no intrinsic value, like their worth is less than zero.
Wake up America! Stop the slaughter! Stop defending that which is evil,
Repent and turn to Jesus, otherwise your day of judgment will be lethal.

But if you refuse to repent for being pro-choice, God’s wrath will be kindled,
You will not escape the eternal fire, for God can never be bribed or swindled.
So I urge you, make your peace with God today! Look to the cross of Jesus Christ, while you still have the chance,
And as for you, dear Christian, the gospel is the answer! Go and proclaim the Word, and watch His Kingdom advance!


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